Life as a Student Leader: Nick

By: Nick Grewal


Looking back on my time as an SSU Board Member I have many fond memories. The first time running in 2013 I didn’t win, so in 2016 when I was elected it felt like a dream come true and being re-elected last year was that much sweeter.

The experience I’ve gained while taking part in many board meetings and board discussions themselves is something I hold dear and value very much. Serving, as a board member has been something I am privileged and honored to do.

The SSU is a great organization that fosters a great experience for Sheridan Students and SSU employees alike. I’ve had the pleasure of attending different leadership seminars through the SSU, which is something I will forever be thankful for because I feel that not only did those experiences help me in my current role but will also benefit me in the future. While on the board from 2016 until now I have been apart of two different boards that have accomplished a variety of different goals. Motions concerning Friendship Benches, Sheridan Life Radio, Booster Juice, and shuttle bus solutions were some of the motions I was involved in passing while on the board.

Having an impact on student life and being able to boost school spirit is something I really enjoyed being apart of and I strongly recommend and encourage students to join the SSU to make the most of their time at Sheridan.