Michelle Lee


“My name is Michelle Lee and i'm a first year in the General Arts and Science program at the Trafalgar campus! Currently, I am apart of he pride club, and attend a few marquee event nights here and there. I am a very outgoing person, and love to make friends wit everyone I meet!”


Approachability - I plan to incorporate approachability as a member of the SSU by making myself available to anyone who needs to share ideas or wants to talk. In order for students to share their thoughts, you have to make yourself as approachable as possible, and make sure you try to accommodate everyone who approaches you, whether they have a comment, question or concern. I want students to be able to see me as a friend, someone who they're able to talk to regardless of who they are or what program they're in!

Honesty - I believe that honesty is the key to building trust. As a Student Life Advocate, I will make sure I am as transparent as possible, answering any questions they have without being afraid to tell them current situations and how the SSU is handling them. If there are any questions I can't answer, I will make sure to ask the appropriate people in order to be able to answer their questions fully. I want students to be able to trust me, and know that when I'm answering questions I will be as honest as I can be.

Community - In terms of community, I want every student at Sheridan to feel like they're apart of something. I want to make sure everyone feels welcomed, and able to participate in any club or event they wish to. Making sure clubs are more available and visible for students to see would be one of the things I would wish to pursue. It sometimes can be hard to see what clubs are available if you don't already know what you're looking for.

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