Mireille Dube


“My name is Mireille, and I'm a third year Kinesiology and Health Promotion Degree student at Davis! I am currently a Health Promotion Intern at Sheridan and involved in many initiatives on campus, such as MoveU, and Leave the Pack Behind. I have been a peer mentor last year for the Health and Wellness department at Davis. I am looking forward to continue to challenge myself and have an impact on the Sheridan community.”


Diversity - I will ensure diversity by reaching out to a diverse group of students on the Davis campus to collect feedback that reflect different perspectives of different cultures and backgrounds to give equal opportunity to all students to voice their experience at Sheridan. All opinions will be valued equally.

Leadership - I will ensure to lead others by empowering students to find their voice within, and to share with me their thoughts and opinions about their experience at Sheridan. I will do so by encouraging any ideas, comments or thoughts without any judgement, and be actively listening throughout. Any thought will be kept confidential, and your shared thoughts will be of great value to me, and the Sheridan community.

Creativity - I will listen to your thoughts, and commit to you, the student body, of using my creativity to tackle the thoughts you have shared with me. I will try my best to figure out how I can improve your mental and physical well being on campus, and in doing so improving your student experience!

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