Ivan Simic

Board of Directors 2018-2019
HMC Campus

Hello, fellow friends at HMC! My name is Ivan Simic, and I have been elected for a second term to serve you guys, yes the student body at HMC, until April 30th, 2019. I am sure that you are curious to know more about me, what my position entails, and how you can become more engaged on campus. I am a third-year HMC student enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program, majoring in Marketing Management. I will also be completing the Sheridan Board Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving next semester which will give me the competitive edge I need to become an accomplished marketing professional upon graduation.

You elected me for a second term to serve your best interests, and it is all about you, and not about me. I highly encourage all of you to get involved in student life at Sheridan HMC by placing your candidacy for elections and by-elections, joining a social/academic club, join your respective student council and network with like-minded students! In your professional development journeys, a lot of the learning happens outside of the classroom when engaging yourselves in purposeful activities. That combustion that results from your engagement in purposeful activities with like-minded individuals and more experienced mentors will push you out of your comfort zone, build your character, and boost your self-confidence.

I am very involved with student life at HMC and I have held several executive roles in two academic student clubs:

Academic Club: Sheridan HMC Toastmasters Executive position: VP of Membership (July 2017-July 2018)

Academic club: League of Progressive Bruins HMC
Executive position: President (July 2017-April 2018)

Academic club: League of Progressive Bruins HMC
Executive position: VP of Creative Communications (pending upon re-ratification)


Tell us a fun fact about you: I have a green belt in Adult Krav Maga, certified by the Krav Maga Association of Canada.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? A five star hotel in Cuba.

If you had to watch one (and ONLY one) series on Netflix for the rest of your life, what would it be? While this series is not on the Canadian version of Netflix,if I was restricted to watching only one television series on Netflix for the rest of my life, it would be Mr. Robot.