Board Of Directors

Sheridan Student Union is led by 12 elected student members who represent the SSUI membership of over 20,000 full-time and part-time students at Sheridan College. The Board is responsible for maintaining contact with the student population and bringing student feedback to Board level. With your feedback, the Board will continue to develop a long-term strategic vision, and exercise good corporate governance.


Who are the Board of Directors?

Board goals

Communication - Develop and use platforms that inform, engage and empower students, providing greater accessibility to the Sheridan student experience. 

Governance - Pursue more efficient and transparent governance processes across the SSU by operating with integrity and compliance in a timely manner. 

Advocacy - Represent and advocate for issues and concerns, both internally and externally, that impact Sheridan students. 

School Spirit - Explore and undertake a variety of initiatives to promote and develop school spirit to enrich the Sheridan culture. 

Wellness - promote greater student well-being through nutritional, emotional and physical wellbeing programs and resources. 

Services - Strive to provide equitable and improved SSU services for students, on and off campus. 

Engagement - Employ methods to improve engagement and participation in events, clubs and student government initiatives. 


  • Increased accessibility to services with the implementation and success of the Tri-Campus Shuttle in partnership with Sheridan College
  • Enhanced commitments to provide value and meet student needs through a newly developed strategic plan
  • Funding and leadership to enable 200+ events annually, 10 awareness campaigns and over 15 contests to meet the tastes of and celebrate the diversity of Sheridan Students
  • Renovations to our student union spaces at Davis and Trafalgar, and cooperatively working with the College to enhance SSUI spaces in the new HMC 2 and 2A expansions
  • Renovations to our board room spaces at Davis and Trafalgar to enable enhanced intercampus communications, and access to superior boardroom facilities for all Sheridan students
  • Enhancements and refinements to our Health and Dental Program so that it can continue to effectively serve the needs of Sheridan students
  • A continued commitment to be the employer of choice for Sheridan students, being the largest on-campus employer of Sheridan students with over 250+ flexible positions