Eve Krogman

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"My name is Eve Krogman, 4th year student of Bachelor of Film and Television at the Trafalgar Campus. I am currently a Peer Mentor through the Student Leadership and Engagement team, president of the Sheridan Women in Film and Television Club, a Class Representative, and have volunteered at multiple events on campus. I bring a history of community involvement and volunteer/work experience that centres around the betterment of the Sheridan community in respect to minorities on campus and in my respective program. I hope to champion for the little guys of the schools and that my platform of increasing the support for students and inclusivity events at the school adds to my established ethos and improves the quality of the student experience."

Email: eve.krogman@sheridancollege.ca

Sanjay Ghaness

My name is SanJay Ghaness and I'm a 3rd Year student in the BA: Human Resources program. I've worked alongside students for several years enhancing the quality of college life. I also volunteer for numerous causes both on and off campus and I work for the One-Card Dept. and STARS both here at HMC. My goal is to work with the students to change the stereotype around the social aspects of college life and to be an influencer of change while advocating on behalf of all students across the campus. I believe One Person Can Make a Difference but Together We Can Make a Change. Elected by Students for Students.



Ian Gerics

"My name is Ian and I am a 2nd year student in the Information Security program at the TRC campus. I am running for a position on the board of directors because I am a firm believer in school spirit. I have a strong passion to bring about positive change and inclusion. I have noticed that many are not very excited about school events and choose not to participate. I would like to change this using stronger promotion techniques across all campuses that would make each event one to remember."

Email: gerics@sheridancollege.ca


Hemandeep Singh

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"I am Hemandeep Singh, studying in 4th semester of electromechanical engineering technology. I want to join board of directors because I want to enhance my leadership skills and want to become voice of students. As I am in 2nd year of my college, I can help new comers in a better way. I want to be a bridge between college and students so that I can help them to address their problems and solve them, so that they can get best education possible."

Email: singhema@sheridancollege.ca


Samantha Loyer

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"My name is Samantha Loyer, I am a first-year student studying within the business department at our Davis campus. I would like to; encourage our students to use their voice, to engage with other students, and to get our students more involved with our tutoring, counseling and general help resources. If elected, I would like to bring more attention towards our arts programs, creating more social clubs, events and spirit weeks, lastly give more attention toward all of our helpful student resources."

Email: Loyer@sheridancollege.ca

Dylan Broda

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"Hello! My name is Dylan Broda, a third-year Bachelors of Film & Television student happily situated at the Trafalgar Campus. With first-hand experience as both a third-year film student and a board director, there are many things I am seeking to change and improve in our already vibrant community. One of those is our school spirit; to raise morale and increase inclusivity and extracurricular activity in and around campus. Secondly, It is my goal to improve student communication between them and their school, their student union, and their board of directors. By fostering unique opportunities and inspiring design, I intend to bring together students across campuses and help inspire my peers to reshape the Sheridan identity in their creative image."

Email: dylan.broda@outlook.com

Ilyas Khamis

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"Hi, my name is Ilyas Khamis and I am a "second year student in the Social Service Worker program at the Trafalgar campus of Sheridan College. While here I have been able to engage with the mental well-being of the Sheridan community. I know that college brings about a lot of new challenges, and that traditionally it may be hard to find a place where we can speak about our emotions openly, so I started up and am president of the Sheridan Mental Health Peer Support Group. Another concern that came to my attention while speaking with students was the lack of interdisciplinary meetings, and I believe that starting a SSU virtual community for all students could help facilitate connections.

Email: khamisi@sheridancollege.ca

Tre Wallace

"My name is Tre Wallace, I am a 2nd year student in the Business Administration Accounting program at HMC and the reason why I am running is to simply focus on the issues that students care about the most by being a representing voice of change that they want to see within their community. One of the main issues that I have heard from students is the matter of transportation to school and the rising costs that they face. Because of this, one of my top priorities is to see how we can implement greater benefits for students to help them in alleviating the stress of transportation."

Email: wallactr@sheridancollege.ca

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Gentrit Grajqevci

"As an aspiring Entrepreneur (cybernynye.com) I have met, spoken, and helped many people along the way to what I would consider personal success. My platform runs on 3 fundamental ideas. 1. Your voice is powerful. I believe that everyone has the ability to change the world for the greater good, and I aim to be the amplifier that gets your voice heard across a broader spectrum. 2. The only source of knowledge is experience. Although this is my first year at Sheridan, this is not my first year as a leader. Why choose someone inexperienced? 3. It always seems impossible until it’s done. My dedication and passion for the greater good is unmatched. Together we will succeed. The Choice is Simple, Clear & Concise. Visit Gentrit.com to view my platform. Vote #Gen."


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Opinderjeet Singh Sandhu

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"I Opinderjeet Singh Sandhu from program General Business of Second Year.
With due respect I would like to say that,I would offer my services to Sheridan College at Davis Campus. Learning leadership quality at my school for 2 years. I have came to know that I would be obliged to serve more. Being the Captain of my School Football team I also came to know how important team work could be without them may be I would not have opted for this position today. Being your Representative I would fulfill your needs and requirement at every level of your studying period at Sheridan College."

Email: sandhuop@sheridancollege.ca