Andres Pacheco

“My name is Andres Pacheco. I am a business man enrolled in the Business Marketing Program -Diploma at HMC!.

On my spare time away from studies, I'm also a Singer / Songwriter / Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist. Avid open mic goer!

If I were elected for the Board, I want to help the Students at Sheridan to be more aware of their music possibilities in campus and outside campus events. More late night food options for thous students who stay up late to study.

My experience as an event host, party host for over 5 years and people skills make a likeable candidate. I can motivate those students going through hard times. I can never fail to make someone smile or crack a laugh.”

Xinxin Zheng


“I'm a former Sheridan student and board member of the SSU. I'm back to do a new degree and I would like to be involved with the Sheridan community while I am here.

I want to be a voice for the students and represent the creative and imaginative side of Sheridan. If elected, I will endeavour to make Sheridan a more involved and outgoing community.

I am a former board member so I already have experience with the position. I also am not afraid to speak up in public for what's right and feel that I am a natural leader.”

Claudia Isabel Bernal Quintana


“My name is Claudia Bernal, I am in the second year of Early Childhood Education and happy to attend Trafalgar Campus. I am a student passionate to serve people, looking forward to representing my peers' best interests, ideas and projects. I have been fortunate to meet beautiful, talented, friendly people, who had encouraged my to do my best and to challenge myself during my journey through Sheridan and would like everyone to share this invaluable experience. I have been working as Peer Mentor within the International Centre and also as International Student Ambassador, where I encourage and help students to feel confident to succeed. I am also a STAR representing the ECE program and an enthusiastic volunteer in and out of college. I am also Vice-President of Sheridan International Students Association (SISA).

My goal is to inspire students by supporting and accompanying them wherever they need me and at the same time sharing knowledge towards having the best student life. I want to support students in having positive experience in our community in and out college, by developing strategies to encourage them to get involved in a holistic environment where we work together to create opportunities for students by representing their interests and projects. I want to support them in having a voice to ensure they feel included and motivates all while encompassing the pride of belonging to our Sheridan community.

I love being part of Sheridan and would love to make students feel the same way. I like to learn and always look for positive things in people because I strongly believe that each individual has different qualities, that joined together can make a strong impact in someone's life. I would consider myself as a successful person if I am able to impact in a positive way in the life of others. I think that by being part of the Board, I would be given with the opportunity to representing my peers, giving them a voice, impacting in their live.

Not only have I grown as a professional inside the classroom, but also, personally through all the enriching experiences that Sheridan has brought me outside them.”

Abhishek Hastir


“I am Abhishek and I am in the second year of Electromechanical Engineering Technology Program. I represent FAST as one of the two Student Senators and I have always taken the initiative to raise the voice of students in front of right personnel.

My vision is to put forth the voice of all those students who want to make Sheridan a better place for all. I would like to advocate for more transparency in student affairs, make sure the transit bill is well advocated for and try to bring a better balance to the academic and non-academic life of the students by coming up with ways to spread enough awareness about already set up clubs and bringing new ideas to the table.

I think I am a good listener who is always ready to learn and work together with the team. Regardless of a position, I have had and will always keep approaching the right individuals by sharing my concerns about the students. A good leader always works by inter-connecting with all the peers and works for the betterment of all and I think I have this ability.”

Vikramsinh Raj


“I am Vikramsinh Raj. I am an International Student. I am from Gujarat, India. Currently, I am in third semester of Electrical Engineering Technician.

If I will be elected as a Board of Directors than I have some visions, which I like to discuss here.

1. I will try my best to arrange job fair for students who have graduated recently.

2. International Festivals will be celebrated as other colleges around Ontario. 

3. Some courses without Co-Op has to break so I will talk to cut that second break for courses which don't have Co-Op. So, students can complete their studies early.

4. Reduction in Parking Pass Price

It will be great opportunity for me to be in a board of directors as I am highly organized and have great communications skills. I am a good listener and will do my best to solve every concerns of students. I am quiet confident that I can be a good representative on behalf of all students.”