Yadwinder Singh


I am Yadwinder Singh of Computer Engineering Technology. I am in my 3rd Year at the Davis Campus. As an candidate, I have the ability to help students to get most of their demands. Also, I'll be the responsible leader of students and will be the voice of all Sheridan students and will go deep to roots. As I am in final year, I want to connect with students and will bring their needs and demands to upper level. I need to improve students life and get them familiar with facilities of college.

Email: sing2695@sheridancollege.ca

Ivan Simic


Hello, I'm Ivan Simic, and I am a first-year student at the H.M.C. enrolled in the B.B.A Program, majoring in Marketing Management. I am hardworking, energetic, personable and high achievement oriented. If I am elected, I promise to make our Sheridan journey more affordable, inclusive, and progressive. The future for our campus is in our hands. You have the power to vote for a better future. #ReadySetChange!

Email: simiciv@sheridancollege.ca

Ben LeBlanc


Having served as the Vice-Chair of the Board through 2016-2017, I seek to continue to develop my skills as a Director, and assist the SSU with its transition to a new President. Being involved with initiatives such as the HMC Block Party and involvement with MississaugaGives, I seek to represent Sheridan students both on-campus and off-campus, to ensure that opportunities for growth are never out of reach for any student. #discoverchange #sheridanlife

Email: leblanbe@sheridancollege.ca

Dylan Broda


It would be an honour to represent my fellow students and faculty and bring their creative ideas and artworks to the forefront of the public space. As a board member I would strive for involvement from all students and all programs, and boost morale to be proud of who they are, the teams they play for, and the art they create. I am an enthusiastic, empathetic individual with skills as a Film Director and Producer, Student Council President, Team Leader, and Artist.

Email: brodady@sheridancollege.ca

Jason Johnson


Hello!  My name is Jason Johnson!  I am a friendly world traveler and I want to work for you as your new Board of Directors representative! I have a lot of experience in leadership.  I have started up two successful business, I have worked in the army, and I have worked as an English teacher abroad!  I want to make your voice heard!  I will work hard to implement anything you want to see in the school.  My first order of business would be fixing the shuttle system! Make the shuttles great again!

Email: johnjaso@sheridancollege.ca