Vikramsinh Raj


“I am Vikramsinh Raj. I am an International Student. I am from Gujarat, India. Currently, I am in third semester of Electrical Engineering Technician.

If I will be elected as a Board of Directors than I have some visions, which I like to discuss here.

1. I will try my best to arrange job fair for students who have graduated recently.

2. International Festivals will be celebrated as other colleges around Ontario. 

3. Some courses without Co-Op has to break so I will talk to cut that second break for courses which don't have Co-Op. So, students can complete their studies early.

4. Reduction in Parking Pass Price

It will be great opportunity for me to be in a board of directors as I am highly organized and have great communications skills. I am a good listener and will do my best to solve every concerns of students. I am quiet confident that I can be a good representative on behalf of all students.”