Sheridan Office Admin Association (SOAA)

Sheridan Office Admin Association (SOAA)

The Sheridan Office Admin Association (SOAA) is a student-run organization with the goal to build leadership and experience, enhance the Sheridan community, engage in student life by creating events, and to provide students with opportunities to network for their careers. 

Additionally, we have an organization that will be taking part within the SOAA; Change for X - Sheridan (CFXS). CFXS is a student-run organization founded in Western University. Its main focus is to nurture local and lesser known charities within the community. Successfully bringing the Phlebotomy course to Sheridan, the SOAA has more plans to enhance your Sheridan experience.

Club President 

Leticia Japiassu

Club Meetings

Tuesdays 11- 12/ Wednesday 2- 3 p.m./ Thursday 1- 2 p.m.
Davis, Room B 305

Club Website


For more information about this club or how to join, please contact your Davis Clubs Coordinator: