League of Legends Club

League of Legends Club

Our club focuses on one of the most popular online games, League of Legends. Whether you're a well-polished veteran or a newbie, our club welcomes both familiar and inexperienced players to our community here at HMC. From our club, students can expect the following: how-to-play sessions, casual-to-competitive play, tournaments, prizes & giveaways, networking opportunities & events. 

We will be hosting weekly meetings specifically for our HMC veterans, and our newcomers as well. So we welcome you to attend one of our meetings, come out and meet new people with a common interest and relax in a social gathering that will help take your mind off the pressures of the classroom.

Club President 

Yuna Kim
Email: yuna.k@live.com


Thursdays & Fridays from 5PM-8PM
Thursdays: HMC B210 Fridays: HMC A365

For more information about this club or how to join, contact your HMC Clubs Coordinator: clubs.ssuihmc@sheridancollege.ca