(Friends Accepting Challenges and Endeavouring to Improve Themselves)

The F.A.C.E I.T club is a social club for students who identify/diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder. This group is a safe environment where you can be yourself and meet other students who may be facing similar challenges as you. 


The F.A.C.E I.T club is a club where students can talk about their concerns and problems with the other members, besides just talking about problems and concerns you get to do a lot of fun things such as cooking classes, watching movies, going out to different places and doing a number of other activities. 

TRC - Clubs Room (SC210) Thursdays 11am - 1pm.

Club President 

Matthew Chung | chungmatt@sheridancollege.ca

For more information about this club or how to join, contact your Trafalgar Clubs Coordinator | clubs.ssuitrc@sheridancollege.ca