Your chance to make a difference on campus! 

We're looking for 2 students from Davis, 1 from HMC and 2 from our Trafalgar campus to run in our 2017-2018 by-elections. If you are interested in building your resume, expanding your network and leading your student union, join our Board of Directors. 

Step #1 – Make sure you are eligible for Nomination at your home campus. To be eligible, you must have the required GPA (2.5) and ensure that you are currently / will be enrolled as a full time Sheridan College student for the until the end of the Board of Directors term (May 1st, 2018).

Step #2 – Make sure to read 2017 – 2018 Elections Policy  and your Nomination Guidelines to gain a better understanding of how SSU Board of Directors elections work.

Step #3 -  Complete all of the required nomination forms and upload them with your Nomination Application below no later than 4:00 p.m. on September 27, 2017 :

  • Proof of Enrolment: This form is used to verify whether or not you’re a full time student and if you have the required 2.5 GPA. You complete this form by going to the Office of the Registrar of your home campus. 
  • Choice of Agent: Your Agent will be able represent you and act on your behalf throughout the course of the election.
  • Proof of Involvement Form (Optional): This form is where you outline your relevant involvement and experience in the Sheridan Community. This form is optional.
  • Peer Nomination Form + Peer Signatures: To be eligible to run as a candidate, you must fill out the Nomination Form. This form is to be filled out by 50 of your home campus peers and will serve as your official nomination to be a candidate in the election. Make sure you get all the required information (student number, program, signature, etc).

Step #4 – Attend the All Candidates Meeting on Thursday, September 28th from 5:30 – 7:00pm at HMC - A402f President's Boardroom. This is where you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of campaigning in an SSU election.

Step #5 – Campaign! From Monday, October 2nd – Friday, October 6th you’ll have the chance to engage with your fellow students and show them why you’re running to be one of their student leaders on campus.

So, if you're passionate about the student experience and want to discover change on campus,
fill out your Nomination Form below today!