Sheridan Student Union is happy to announce the candidates that have officially been elected / acclaimed to our
2018-2019 Board of Directors. Please join us in welcoming them to the team!

Voting for your Board of Directors is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

If you have any questions, please contact us below:

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Who are the Board of Directors?


What is the Board of Directors? 

12 student leaders who are voted in by their peers to represent their interests, needs and ideas within the SSU and within the Sheridan College administration. These students make up our Board of Directors and help govern Sheridan Student Union’s mission and vision.

These Board members are meant to act as representatives of the Sheridan College student population and make overarching decisions to improve the Sheridan student experience.  

Learn more about the current board, what they do and their recent achievements here.

Why does SSU have elections?

The SSU's head honchos are all students!

They make all the major decisions that affect the student union, and represent the student body in to Sheridan's senior administration.

SSU Elections are also an opportunity for students to vote on issues that matter to them and choose the Board member they want to represent them at their home campus. Each candidate will have a platform that addresses their views on certain issues or ideas for changes representing their fellow students. And you get to VOTE!

What does a Board member do?

  • Our Board members are leaders in the Sheridan community, advocating for over 23,000 students ensuring the student voice is represented within the community.

  • They get to help determine the vision of the SU for student life at Sheridan College.

  • They review and evaluate present and future opportunities to enhance the student experience.

  • They are the major decision makers in huge projects like our new Student Centre at HMC.

YOUR 2018 - 2019 Board

To learn more about our Board, their goals, achievements and meeting dates, visit our Governance page here ➡️