join the club!

Joining or starting a club is one of the best ways to get involved on campus! Sheridan Student Union is proud to provide guidance, financial and promotional support & meeting spaces for all clubs on campus. 

INTRODUCING a new platform for clubs!

It's important to us and to our student leaders to create ways for clubs to be more involved and connected at Sheridan! With that, we tried to create a space online for students to join, create and engage with Clubs and Associations on campus. And it's finally here! Your very own corner of the universe: Clubs Corner! 

The all new Clubs Corner is open to all Sheridan students and we've made it easy for you to join - all you have to do is sign in with your Sheridan login info, set up your profile and you're in the club! 

Why use Clubs Corner? 

Not only is this platform your go-to for starting or joining a club at Sheridan, you will also get to: 

  • Express your creativity through clubs.
  • Enjoy paperless & efficient way to view and start up a club.
  • Full access to campus wide events & campaigns.
  • Connect to over 100 clubs across Sheridan.
  • Get involved and achieve that #SheridanLife balance.

clubs coordinators 

Your Clubs Coordinators are here to help you with all things clubs! Whether you are interested in joining a club, want to start one of your own or are already part of one - they are here to support you the whole way through. 


Looking for something?

You may have noticed a few things missing. That's because we moved everything over to Clubs Corner for you! You can head over there for all things clubs related. This includes Club Start Up Forms, Resources Forms, Event Proposals, Room Booking Requests etc.