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Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wonder why you have to take the bus to off campus events? Where the bus picks you up? Where you can buy tickets?
Read below for the answers to come of the most frequently asked questions about our events. 

Q: Who develops the Programming Calendar?

A: Your Student Life Coordinators develop the Programming calendar for Sheridan Student Union.  They meet on a monthly basis to evaluate all the feedback & successes of past events to organize future events at your campus! Their plan encompasses all aspects of events including the location, timing, entertainment and more, just to accommodate our Sheridan students. 

Q: Where can we buy tickets? 

A: Students can purchase tickets online via our Events Page. Some event tickets may be purchased at the door.

Q: Why do we have to take the bus to an off campus event? 

A: We ask that students take the bus because it helps cultivate the whole experience of going to an off campus event. Typically, the SSU receives the tickets on the event day.  Having students take the bus allows SSU to organize all students and ensure that each person is receiving the ticket they have paid for. 

Q: Where do I catch the bus? 

A: Students can catch the bus at the large S in front of the campus. 

Q: Where do events take place?

A: Depending on which campus you attend, majority of our events take place in our spaces.  For the Oakville Campus, all of our variety acts & concerts take place in the Marquee where as the Brampton Campus have all events happen in the Den.  Our Mississauga campus is a very unique situation where you will find events taking place all over the school.  However, our larger scaled events such as; guest speakers, open mic, gaming, etc take place in the cafeteria which is located on the first floor of the A-wing building.   We also organize off campus events where students are bussed from the designated campus to events such as basketball games, Wonderland, Aquarium & many more!  

Q: Where can I find out about events? 

1) Your can check out our events page
2) Sign up for our Events newsletter
3) Or connect with your Student Life Coordinator

Q: What are the costs of the events?

A: Events that take place in either the Marquee or The Den are subject to different fees depending on whether a student has paid their SSU StudentLife fee. The price point for entry into events at our on-campus food venues range from $5-$10.

SSU also hosts Off Campus events such as trips to Toronto, Amusement Parks & many more.  These events typically include transportation to and from the event.  The price point of these tickets range from $30 - $50.