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Breakfast Program

Breakfast On Us! 


Breakfast On Us! 

Date: Wednesday, April 18
Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Free (Seriously!)

Locations: TRAF - B-wing
                  Davis - Union Square/SC
                  HMC - Clubs Room (A308)

If you're one of the rare college students who actually eat breakfast, chances are you're rushed and short on ideas. And if you're one of the many college students who skip's breakfast,  you're probably hungry for most of the day.

To ensure you're focused throughout the day we've developed our very own Breakfast program! Stop by at each campus for that perfect grab and go bite and learn more about our Food First Program.

Please keep in mind that we aim to provide a quick "grab and go" breakfast and we like to switch it up for you every month, so your breakfast may vary. 



Earlier Event: April 17
Later Event: April 18
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