"The strike is making me feel lost, unmotivated and absolutely frustrated. It affects not only my educational life but also my financial and mental health. As an international student, I came to study and have access to a better education. Beyond a very expensive tuition, I have other expenses like rent and food and in exchange, we’re not having what we paid for. 

It’s totally valid that the faculty fights for their rights but who cares about the students? Four weeks of strike and nothing has been decided so far. It’s time to both parts reach an agreement and resume classes immediately. "


"I am very concerned about what the next 2 semesters will look like after the strike.  I am concerned about my son losing his breaks, due to the modified schedules being proposed.  College is stressful enough without the added pressure a condensed schedule will cause him.  I am very concerned about this will impact his chance of successfully completing this semester and the next.

Marina, Loyalist College

"I am feeling they are using me to play a game to get what they want. They are playing with my academic life. I am an international student, far from home. I am not on vacation. I've planned for months to be here and now I feel it is all wasted. I am not against professors but they are being very very irresponsible with the current students. You can never fix a mistake with another mistake, and this strike is a big mistake! Enough! "