All students are welcome to attend our Board meetings. Just let us know that you want to attend and what you would like to discuss below: 

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Meeting Minutes

210th Meeting - Committee Recaps, Strike Vote Mandate, Sheridan Life Radio, HMC2A - Download Meeting Minutes

209th Meeting - Board Honorariums, Board Attendance, Board Meeting Schedule, Secretary Selection - Download Meeting Minutes

208th Meeting - Appeal, SSU Activity Fee - Download Meeting Minutes

207th Meeting - SSU Activity Fee Proposal, College Student Alliance, Elections Voting Software, Shuttle Bus Download Meeting Minutes

206th Meeting - Committee Recaps - Download Meeting Minutes

205th Meeting - College Student Alliance , Quarterly Financial Update, SSU Activity Fee Proposal, By-Election 2017 Dates, Elections Voting Software, Student Care Presentation - Download Meeting Minutes

204th Meeting - Committee Recap - Download Meeting Minutes

203rd Meeting - Sheridan College Grading Policy Changes, Budgetary Impact of Minimum Wage Increase - Download Meeting Minutes

202nd Meeting - Sheridan College Celebratory Flag, Committee Meeting Recaps - Download Meeting Minutes

201st Meeting - Executive Goals, HMC2A, Booster Juice Franchise - Download Meeting Minutes

200th Meeting - Selection of Board Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary, Board Committee's - Download Meeting Minutes

221st Meeting - HMC Student Centre, Sheridan/SSU Supplemental Support Bursary - Download Meeting Minutes

220th Meeting – Student Affairs Priorities, Shuttle Bus Referendum, International Student Health Plan - Download Meeting Minutes

219th Meeting - Student Code of Conduct Review, Shuttle Bus, Winter Term Meeting Schedule - Download Meeting Minutes

218th Meeting – Winter Term Meeting Schedule, HMC2A - Download Meeting Minutes

217th Meeting - Quarterly Fiscal Update, Strike Fiscal Impacts Update, Finance Committee, Executive Updates, Elections - Download Meeting Minutes

216th Meeting - Strike, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

215th Meeting - Ancillary Fees, Strike - Download Meeting Minutes

214th Meeting - HMC2A, Strike, Shuttle Bus, Microwaves - Download Meeting Minutes

213rd Meeting - Strike, Executive Updates, Financial Condition - Download Meeting Minutes

212th Meeting - Health & Dental Fees, Strike, Audit Presentation - Download Meeting Minutes

211th Meeting - Ancillary Fees, Sheridan Life Radio, Executive Updates, Quarterly Financial Update - Download Meeting Minutes