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Meeting Minutes

Below you will find the approved minutes for our recent Board meetings along with supporting documents for the items discussed. 

260th Meeting Minutes (September 4, 2019) - 2019-2020 budget approval, bylaw update, AGM - Download Meeting Minutes

259th Meeting Minutes (August 22, 2019) - Sheridan Shuttle Bus, Guard.Me Insurance, 2019-2020 Operating Budget, Reserve Consolidation strategy, Desi Jams, Ancillary Fee Committee Membership, Director Spring/Summer term honorarium, Fall meeting schedule - Download Meeting Minutes

258th Meeting (August 8th 2019) - Health Centre Missed Appointments, Strategic Plan Update, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

257th Meeting (July 25th 2019): StudentCare, Elections Policy approval - Download Meeting Minutes

256th Meeting - Fee approval, strategic plan, elections - Download Meeting Minutes

255th Meeting (June 27th 2019) - Elections Policy review, Strategic Goals - Download Meeting Minutes


230th Meeting - Sheridan IT, SheridanLife Radio, Fall By-Elections, Non-Partisan Policy Draft, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

229th Meeting - Executive Goals, Fall By-Election Dates, Non-Partisan Policy Draft - Download Meeting Minutes 

228th Meeting - Shuttle Bus Summer Coverage, UPass Proposal, Board Goals - Download Meeting Minutes

227th Meeting - Board Goals, Office Renovations, Vice President Updates - Download Meeting Minutes 

226th Meeting - Elections of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, Board Committees, Summer Schedule - Download Meeting Minutes

225th Meeting - 2018-2019 Budget, HMC2A, U-Pass, Sheridan Shuttle Bus - Download Meeting Minutes 

224th Meeting -  Academic Strategic Plan, U-Pass, Bylaws, TV Club, Bylaws - Download Meeting Minutes

223rd Meeting - Creative Strategic Direction, Annual General Meeting, Bylaws - Download Meeting Minutes

222nd Meeting - 2018-2019 Election Policy, Creative Campus Strategic Plan, SheridanLife TV Proposal - Download Meeting Minutes

221st Meeting - HMC Student Centre, Sheridan/SSU Supplemental Support Bursary - Download Meeting Minutes

220th Meeting – Student Affairs Priorities, Shuttle Bus Referendum, International Student Health Plan - Download Meeting Minutes

219th Meeting - Student Code of Conduct Review, Shuttle Bus, Winter Term Meeting Schedule - Download Meeting Minutes

218th Meeting – Winter Term Meeting Schedule, HMC2A - Download Meeting Minutes  

217th Meeting - Quarterly Fiscal Update, Strike Fiscal Impacts Update, Finance Committee, Executive Updates, Elections - Download Meeting Minutes

216th Meeting - Strike, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

215th Meeting - Ancillary Fees, Strike - Download Meeting Minutes

214th Meeting - HMC2A, Strike, Shuttle Bus, Microwaves - Download Meeting Minutes

213th Meeting - Strike, Executive Updates, Financial Condition - Download Meeting Minutes

211th Meeting - Ancillary Fees, Sheridan Life Radio, Executive Updates, Quarterly Financial Update - Download Meeting Minutes

212th Meeting - Health & Dental Fees, Strike, Audit Presentation - Download Meeting Minutes

210th Meeting - Committee Recaps, Strike Vote Mandate, Sheridan Life Radio, HMC2A - Download Meeting Minutes

209th Meeting - Board Honorariums, Board Attendance, Board Meeting Schedule, Secretary Selection - Download Meeting Minutes

208th Meeting - Appeal, SSU Activity Fee - Download Meeting Minutes

207th Meeting - SSU Activity Fee Proposal, College Student Alliance, Elections Voting Software, Shuttle Bus - Download Meeting Minutes

206th Meeting - Committee Recaps - Download Meeting Minutes

254th Meeting (June 13, 2019) - Reserve Consolidation, Governance Committee/Bylaw Review Update, Goal Setting - Download Meeting Minutes

253th Meeting (May 30, 2019) - Governance Committee, Goal Setting, Fiscal Update, Executive Updates- Download Meeting Minutes

252nd Meeting (May 14, 2019) - Capital Requests for Food Services Updates and Changes, Goal Setting, Summer Meeting Schedule, Belawal Singh Chhina’s Absence - Download Meeting Minutes

251st Meeting (May 2, 2019) - Election of Board Officers, Selection of Committees, Summer Meeting Schedule - Download Meeting Minutes

250th Meeting - Strategic Plan Final Draft, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

249th Meeting - Davis Roof and Other Projects, OHIP+ Update, Strategic Plan Update, Student Choice Initiative Update – U-Pass & Shuttle Bus Implications, 2019-2020 Budget Update, Elections Concern - Download Meeting Minutes

248th Meeting - SheridanLife Radio Budget, GDC Funding Request, AGM Date, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

247th Meeting - Intranet Refresh Project, Game Developers Conference (GDC) Funding Request, GDC Proposal, Student Choice Initiative Update, Update on Davis Pub Night Investigation - Download Meeting Minutes

246th Meeting - Objection Against Siringo Ringo, Board Member Attendance & Ineligibility to Run for a Period of Time, Davis Pub Night Update - Download Meeting Minutes

245th Meeting - SheridanLife Radio Update, Fee Setting Update, ByLaw Review, Reserve Update, SSU Board of Directors Term Evaluations, SSU Board Member Attendance Rule & Ineligibility to Run for a Period of Time, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

244th Meeting - Student Choice Initiative Update, Quarterly Fiscal Update, Health & Dental Planning, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

243rd Meeting - AGM Date approval, Ontario Government “Student Choice Initiative” Announcement - Download Meeting Minutes

242nd Meeting - AGM Date Approval, Executive Updates, Board Composition & Requirements, Board Member Findings Presentations, and the Presidential Hiring Committee - Download Meeting Minutes

241st Meeting - U-Pass Referendum outcome, International Health and Dental, Ancillary Fee Direction, HMC2A Update, 2019-2020 Budget Timeline, Strategic Plan update, SheridanLife Radio Direction, Winter Meeting Schedule, Elections Policy, Executive Updates, Vacant Trafalgar Seat - Download Meeting Minutes

Supporting Documents: Elections Policy Amendments, Budget Timeline, SLR Direction Report, Strategic Plan Statements

240th Meeting - Gender Diversity Motion and Survey, SheridanLife Radio Presentation and Annual Report, Strategic Plan Update, Ivan’s Observations, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

239th Meeting - 2017/2018 Draft Audited Financial Statements, Health and Dental Insurance Fee Setting, Strategic Plan Update, Ontario College Quality Assurance Audit, Student Activity Fee Increase, Vacancies on SSU Board - Download Meeting Minutes

238th Meeting - Governance Training, General Election Timeline Approval, International Health and Dental Update, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

237th Meeting - SSU Academic Award, Sheridan College Smoke-Free Policy Update, Executive Updates- Download Meeting Minutes

236th Meeting - Student Care Health and Dental Insurance Information Session, Transit Referendum Update, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

235th Meeting - SSU Strategic Plan - Download Meeting Minutes

234th Meeting - SSU Academic Awards - Download Meeting Minutes

233rd Meeting - Venue Lighting Upgrade Proposal, SSU Academic Awards, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

232nd Meeting - Governance Committee Update, SSU Quarterly Fiscal Update, Executive Updates, Non-Partisan Policy Draft Update - Download Meeting Minutes

Supporting Documents: Quarterly Fiscal Update (Balance Sheet, Financial Graphs, Operating Income Statement, Financial Condition Update) , Non-Partisan Policy Draft

231st Meeting - Sheridan Smoke Free Policy, SheridanLife Radio, EmpowerMe, Non-Partisan Policy Draft, Executive Updates - Download Meeting Minutes

To view minutes of meetings prior to the 2017-2018 academic year, please contact: