Shuttle bus

Departing regularly and traveling between all three campuses throughout the day it's a great way to get around.  FREE for all students!  
They're even equipped with free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected even on the go :)

December 3 – 14 : Regular Hours  All Buses
December 17 - 21: Modified (6:30 to 6:30) Only Bus 1 and Bus 2 will run
January 2 – 4: Modified (6:30 – 6:30) Only Bus 1 and 2 will run




PLEASE NOTE: HMC location changes as of Jan 2. please see map below for updated location.


Eligible full-time students at Sheridan were asked to vote in a U-Pass Referendum between November 26-30, jointly hosted by the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) and Sheridan College. The referendum was held to determine if students were in favour of establishing a non-refundable ancillary fee to adopt a Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass).  The U-Pass provides eligible students with unlimited ridership on public transit routes operated by the municipal transit authorities in Brampton, Mississauga, and Oakville.

For results to be binding, it was required that a minimum of 15% of eligible voters participate in the referendum. The SSU and Sheridan College are happy to report a voter participation rate of 25%, with 4805 of the 19,260 full-time Sheridan students who were eligible to vote casting their ballot last week.

The majority of voters were in support of the U-Pass implementation. 

As a result, the SSU will work collaboratively with Sheridan College to begin Steering Group meetings immediately with our transit partners to ensure a seamless transition to the U-Pass for September 2019.
The U-Pass will be implemented in September, 2019, at which point the Sheridan Shuttle will cease to run. We will continue to inform the Sheridan community about next steps through our website:

Transportation Survey

Sheridan Student Union and Sheridan College are pleased to announce that the Sheridan Student Transportation Survey, seeking to better understand student transportation preferences and potential solutions to Inter-Campus Shuttle capacity challenges, has concluded.

If you have questions related to this survey please do not hesitate to contact one of the researchers:
Mokhtar Noka - (Institutional Research), or
Elisabeth Connell (Sheridan College, Director, Ancillary Services) -

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