By-elections are held to fill the vacant seats of the SSU Board of Directors. Currently, WE HAVE 5 directors on the board, which means that YOU have the opportunity to run and ADVOCATE for student life on campus.

Nomination Period: September 16th to 24th - Pick up your nomination package at our SSU Office! 



What are the SSU Elections?

What Does the Board Do?

  • Collect /share student feedback and concerns on campus at the Board table to shape the future of the SheridanLife.

  • Advocate for a better student life on behalf of over 25,000 Sheridan students.

  • Oversee and manage the SSU President.

  • Review and evaluate current and future opportunities to enhance the student experience.

  • Ensure the voices of all students are heard and represented within in Sheridan College and SSU activities.

Sheridan Student Union is a student led organization and we are governed by a student elected Board of Directors. Students are voted in by their peers to represent their interests, needs, and ideas within the SSU and at the college level. They make up our Board of Directors and help advocate for student life and change on campus. They attend events, like New Student Orientation and Convocation; join campus clubs; and seek student feedback to enhance and #ShapeYourSheridanLife.

Elections is an opportunity for students to vote on issues that matter to them. Each candidate will have a platform that addresses their views on certain issues or ideas for changes. Students can find out who they think is best to represent them in all student union issues and projects. And it’s is your job to vote for the candidates that best represents you and your needs.


Looking to get involved?

Do you consider yourself a student leader? Are you involved with the SheridanLife (i.e. Peer Mentor, clubs, committees, work on campus)? Think you've got what it takes to shape the future of the SheridanLife? Stop by to meet with an elections team member to learn all about student leadership at the SSU and what you need to become part of our Board of Directors. We’ll tell you all about the role, show you how to complete your nomination package and share some tips for engaging with your fellow students during your campaign. Grab your nomination package at your SSU office to take your first step toward becoming a Student Life Advocate on our Board of Directors. Be sure to submit it to our offices by the deadline!

Who can be the next member of the Board?

In order to qualify for a seat on the SSU Board of Directors, a student must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older at the start of the election period.

  • Maintain a 2.5 program term GPA.

  • Be enrolled in the full 2019-2020 academic year.

  • Be in good standing with the SSU and Sheridan College.

Drop-in office hours:

Interested in finding out more about Nominations? Stop by the SSU office to talk to an elections team member.

  • Sept. 16 - Davis: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (Student Centre - Union Square)

  • Sept. 17 - HMC: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (A-Wing 3rd floor A308)

  • Sept. 18 - Trafalgar: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (Student Centre - Union Square)

Position Responsibilities:

  • Represent all full-time and part-time daytime students at Sheridan College.

  • Report to the Chair of the Board and delegate projects and tasks to the President.

  • Responsible for promoting and safeguarding a number of interests of the Sheridan student body including academic, intellectual, cultural, social and athletic.

  • Develop the long-term strategic vision for the SSU.

  • Attend bi-weekly board meetings.

  • Proactively meet with Sheridan students to get feedback and concerns to bring back to the board table.

  • Community involvement, participation in clubs and volunteering at various events such as Orientation and Convocation.

  • Approve the annual operating budget of the Sheridan Student Union.


  • 1. Nomination Period – September 16th to 24th – Curious about what student leadership looks like at the SSU and want to be part of a group of change makers on campus? All students interested in running for a seat on the Board are invited to meet with our Elections teams at their campus! All students seeking nomination can pick up their nomination packages, forms, and policies at your campus’ SSU office. Connect with us online to find out more information about what the board does, the steps for nominations and have all your questions answered. 

  • 2. Campaigning Period – September 30th to October 4th - The purpose of the campaigning period is for candidates to promote their platform and create awareness of elections before the voting days.The SSU will post their images and platforms for students to view on our website and elections poster boards on campus. Be sure to check out our website, meet your candidates and ask them some questions when you see them in the halls!

  • 3.Voting Period – October 7th and 8th – Be sure to keep your eyes on your student emails Sheridan! All the information on how to access voting, including a direct link, will be sent to your email throughout the voting period. Students can vote online f anywhere at any time by using the credentials found in your email. Voting will be accessible from our home page ( and Every student will be able to vote for the number of open seats at their home campus (TRAF: 2, HMC: 4, DAV: 2).

Pick up your NOMINATION package at our SSU office



If you have any questions or concerns about the 2019-2020 by-elections, please email: or complete the form below.

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