Students vote in favour of a U-Pass

Results are in! Over 4,800 students participated in the Referendum last week, and the majority of students voted in favour of the U-Pass implementation. We are pleased with the strong turnout during this Referendum, and happy to see students provide a clear direction on our path forward. More information and FAQ here ➡️

In Support of Gender Diversity

In keeping with our commitment to enhancing inclusivity and accessibility at Sheridan College, our Board of Directors issued a statement at a recent Board Meeting to express public acknowledgement and support of trans and gender-diverse students and community members. More here ➡️

Our Student Leaders Launch Their First Podcast

In partnership with SheridanLife Radio, our awesome Trafalgar student leader team sat down to record the first episode of "Ice Tea with your Vice P”. Their talking about their lives at Sheridan, working with the SSU and finding that life-school-work balance. They’ve got some good advice for their fellow students ➡️

Elections Integrity Task Force

As an SU, we’ve been concerned to receive a variety of reports of campaign violations over the past several student Board of Director elections. In response to this feedback, Sheridan Student Union is forming an Elections Integrity Task Force to examine challenges related these challenges. Read our latest Press Release here.

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