We’re Celebrating Pride Week

From April 1- 5, we are coming together in celebration and support of our LGBTQ+ community here at Sheridan and all over the world. Check out what we have planned and share what makes you #ProudToBe 🏳️‍🌈➡️

Ontario Government Student Fee Changes

On January 17th , the Ontario Government made potentially disruptive announcements surrounding tuition cuts, OSAP restrictions and a “Student Choice Initiative” that could significantly affect student fees relied upon by student unions across Ontario, including Sheridan Student Union. We will be monitoring this situation closely and inform you when more information becomes available here ➡️

In Support of Gender Diversity

In keeping with our commitment to enhancing inclusivity and accessibility at Sheridan College, our Board of Directors issued a statement at a recent Board Meeting to express public acknowledgement and support of trans and gender-diverse students and community members. More here ➡️

Our Student Leaders Launch Their First Podcast

In partnership with SheridanLife Radio, our awesome Trafalgar student leader team sat down to record the first episode of "Ice Tea with your Vice P”. Their talking about their lives at Sheridan, working with the SSU and finding that life-school-work balance. They’ve got some good advice for their fellow students ➡️

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Sheridan Shout outs

You can send a #SheridanShoutOut for a friend, colleague or stranger! Anyone you think deserves a pat on the back for a good deed, a special achievement, a unique talent, a creative idea and everything in between.