SSU Welcomes Incoming President

Coming to the successful conclusion of current President - Enrique Ponce’s - term, Sheridan Student Union's hiring committee set out in search of a new President to lead the organization. We are happy to announce that Ben LeBlanc has been selected as your next SSU President! Learn more or ask him a question ➡️

Shuttle Bus & U-Pass Cancellations

Without the ability to collect student fees for transit services, Sheridan and the SSU are no longer able to offer the U-Pass or shuttle bus service after August 31, 2019. More about how this affects you ➡️

Ontario Government Student Fee Changes

On January 17th , the Ontario Government made potentially disruptive announcements surrounding tuition cuts, OSAP restrictions and a “Student Choice Initiative” that could significantly affect student fees relied upon by student unions across Ontario, including Sheridan Student Union. We will be monitoring this situation closely and inform you when more information becomes available here ➡️

Making Progress on HMC Campus Extension

The team broke ground on the new addition to our HMC campus earlier this year and is making great progress. This means your new Student Centre is on it’s way! Check out how far we’ve come & what to expect from this expansion here ➡️


We’re hiring!

Sheridan Shout outs

You can send a #SheridanShoutOut for a friend, colleague or stranger! Anyone you think deserves a pat on the back for a good deed, a special achievement, a unique talent, a creative idea and everything in between.