Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Who can be a director?

A: Any full-time student who is over the age of 18, able to maintain 2.5 program term GPA or higher and enrolled continuously during the term can run in our elections!

Q: I want to speak to the board about an issue I have!

A: Any student can make a request to be added to the Agenda at the next board meeting. You just have to send an email to our chair of the board. 

Q: Why should I vote?

  • You have an opinion! If you don't vote for your own interests, who will? You are directly impacted by those elected!

  • Hold SSU accountable to the student voice!

  • Because you want to be informed!

  • Use your Voice!

Q: What does the board do?

A: The board is the student leadership responsible for outlining the strategic direction of the Sheridan student union. To find out more about what the board does, we've got a little video for you that explains it all

Q: Where can I vote?

A: During voting days, you will be able to vote online anytime using your Sheridan ID at!

Q: When are elections?

A: Elections take place generally two times a year. The first is in February-March to vote on the following year’s board. There is also the possibility of a by-election which usually happens between September and October. Nominations are usually open for two weeks, followed by two weeks of campaigning and then two voting days. For more information about this years election please visit:

Q: How can I be a board member? / Where can I get a Nomination package?

A: Nomination forms will be available online during each election and by election nomination period. Visit to keep up with our Elections and Nomination dates.


Q: Where do events take place?

A: Depending on which campus you attend, majority of our events take place in our spaces.  For the Oakville Campus, all of our variety acts & concerts take place in the Marquee where as the Brampton Campus have all events happen in the Den.  Our Mississauga campus is a very unique situation where you will find events taking place all over the school.  However, our larger scaled events such as; guest speakers, open mic, gaming, etc take place in the cafeteria which is located on the first floor of the building.   We also organize off campus events where students are bussed from the designated campus to events such as basketball games, Wonderland, Aquarium & many more!  

Q: Where can I find out about events? 

1) Your can check out our events page
2) Sign up for our Events newsletter
3) Or you can follow our social accounts to stay up to date!

Q: What are the costs of the events?

A: Events that take place in either the Marquee or The Den will range from Free - $10.  Variety nights that include give aways, a live performer or even a guest speaker will cost a Sheridan student $5.  If we have a concert live in our spaces tickets will cost a Sheridan student $10.  

SSU also hosts Off Campus events such as trips to Toronto, Amusement Parks & many more.  These events typically include transportation to and from the event.  The price point of these tickets range from $20 - $40.  

Q: Who develops the Programming Calendar?

A: Your Student Life Coordinators develop the Programming calendar for Sheridan Student Union.  They meet on a monthly basis to evaluate all the feedback & successes of past events to organize future events at your campus! Their plan encompasses all aspects of events including the location, timing, entertainment and more, just to accommodate our Sheridan students.  


Q: How do I use my health and dental coverage?

A: Stop by the SSU office and speak to a customer service representative who will provide you with a pay-direct card that you can use every time you visit any medical institution. We will provide you with information on how to use your plan and what you’re covered for!  Looking to get your pay-direct card and forms online? Visit and you can find all claim forms, your pay direct card, travel passport and more under the heading “Download Center.” 

Q: How do I opt-out of the health and dental plan?

In order to opt out of the health and dental coverage you would first need to ensure that you have equivalent coverage somewhere else because you will need proof of coverage in order to opt out. You will only be able to opt out within the Change-Of-Coverage period the first semester you have started the academic year with. To opt out you will need to go online to, click on “opt out” which is located under the “Coverage” section. You must have proof of coverage it could be anything from a screenshot of an insurance card or a letter with three vital pieces of information, it must say you name, that you have health coverage, and that you have dental coverage. You must upload this information before the deadline and follow the opt-out process online. If approved, you will receive a full refund for the amount of the plan after the Change-of-Coverage.

Q: Can I combine my coverage if I am covered under another plan?

Yes, you are able to use both Student Care’s coverage and if you have coverage anywhere else as well and combine it to receive additional coverage. 

Q: I didn’t receive my opt-out cheque and it’s after the change of coverage period.

A: The opt-out process and time to receive your cheque is 4-6 weeks. If that time period has passes and you still have not received this information, please call StudentCare at 1-866-358-4430 who can look into it for you.

Services FAQ

Graduation Photos 

 Q: How do I book my appointment?

A: To book an appointment for grad photos you can sign up online at and enter the School ID “shc”, for Sheridan College, and choose whichever time and date works best for you. For your convenience you can book your appointment at any of our 3 campuses. 

Perks Program

Q: What’s the Perks Program?

A: We’ve partnered up with companies around each campus to offer you exclusive discounts, coupons and promotions! As a Sheridan student, you’ll have access to great deals on food, fitness, entertainment and more! Use your student card to access Perk Partners near you.

Q: How do I become a Perk Partner?

A: If you’re a company and would like to offer Sheridan students special deals, please contact us here:

Getting Involved

Q: How can I get involved on campus?

Students can get involved in multiple ways! If you are looking for an employment or volunteer opportunity, you can click on the tab “Get Involved” for open job and volunteer postings. 

Under the same tab you can also look for current clubs you can join or find out how to start your own club! 


Q: What can I get bound?

A: Bring in your assignment to get bound free of charge at any one of our SU offices during the hours of 9am-5pm. Please note that we do not bind textbooks. 

Off campus LIVING

Q: I am looking for a rental property.

If you are looking for a place to rent you can go onto and search for a listing based on city or campus to see what best fits your needs! 

Q: I am looking to advertise my rental property.

If you are to post your listing to rent, you can go onto and post your listing.  

Legal Service

Q: What does the lawyer do?

He is available to assist you with any legal advice you may need, whether its family law, criminal law, immigration, etc. Please note that he rotates across all 3 campuses, and dates vary each month, so visit your SSU office to find out where he will be and to book your appointment. You can meet with him at any of our 3 campuses. It’s free! 


Q: What is the SSU Food First Program? 

At each campus we have an Food First program set up that is offered to all students who find themselves in a sudden time of need. Students can visit and SSU office to pick up a food package. Students are able to access this valuable service once a month by showing their oneCard.