A NEW Student & Athletics Building

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Sheridan Student Union is proud to announce that late in the Winter 2018 term, construction will begin on a new student and athletics centre at the Hazel McCallion Campus. The new building will connect directly to the north end of HMC B-Wing, parallel to Rathburn Road.

The new five-storey building will feature a range of amenities and athletic facilities, including student lounges, food outlets, and games areas; dedicated rooms for student groups, the Sheridan Student Union, and clubs activities; fitness rooms, and an elevated indoor running track. 

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Student Spaces

The new HMC expansion will be home to Sheridan Student Union offices where you can meet our student leaders and access our services. We have also added extra spaces for Clubs and Associations to meet on campus. 

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A specialty Athletics Centre that includes cardio and weight equipment, studio space, and change rooms, will be located on the third level together with a double height gymnasium and elevated running track.


Food Services

In addition to a full service bar and event space, the new HMC Student Centre will be home to our student run food services including a convenience store, coffee shop and grab and go grill. 


The team broke ground on the new addition to our HMC campus earlier this year and is making great progress. This means your new Student Centre is on it’s way! Here’s a look at how far we’ve come:

how you helped MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

"In the Spring of 2016, the SSU engaged with multiple partners to work with our student at our very first Leadership Symposium. The purpose of the Leadership Symposium was to facilitate student feedback and ensure that the vision of our new Student Centre was truly student led in order for us to better serve our students in the future. The event was led by the leads Architects of the building project - Daniel & Daniel - with the assistance of faculty from Sheridan's Architecture Program to help provide background and context to the project to help the students visualize what the building would look like. 


Working with Creative Certificate programs, the chosen technique for this brainstorm was a  "stick em' up" style activity that allowed students use divergent thinking to put up as many ideas as possible without judgement. This is then followed by a facilitation of convergent thinking to help organize and prioritize the ideas into specific groups. Once this process was done, the student groups and attendees selected the top three ideas they liked from each group, giving them a clear representation students priorities for this new building. These observations were then taken and organized into a report by the SSU and given to the Architects to help scope and visualize the building further.

We are now very excited to share what this vision looks like to our student population how this will have a lasting impact for our Students." 

 - Enrique Ponce, Sheridan Student Union President 

For more information about this project and a full overview of the building's features,
visit Sheridan College's website here