As you know, Sheridan has offered a shuttle bus service for several years between its campuses.  This service was funded by the college and the Sheridan Student Union (SSU), as well as through the collection of student ancillary fees.  Last year, it was determined that mounting costs and fiscal restraints made operation of the shuttle no longer sustainable in the long term.

As an alternative, the SSU worked with municipal transit authorities to develop a U-Pass proposal that would allow eligible students unlimited ridership on all public Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton transit routes, as well as a direct route between Davis and Trafalgar campuses.  The SSU held a referendum on the U-Pass in November, 2018, and received sufficient votes for the U-Pass to be approved.  The U-Pass was set to launch this fall, and would have required a mandatory U-Pass fee be charged to all students as an ancillary fee.

In January of this year, the provincial government announced the Student Choice Initiative, which imposed restrictions on what types of ancillary fees could be deemed to be mandatory.  On April 1, it was made clear that Sheridan could not impose the U-Pass fee as a compulsory ancillary fee, as it did not meet required timelines.

Without the ability to collect student fees for transit services, we regret that Sheridan and the SSU are no longer able to offer the U-Pass or shuttle bus service after August 31, 2019.