graduation photos


If you're graduating this year, you're going to want to capture your great achievement for a lifetime of memories.


Your sitting will include a minimum of 8 unique online poses from which you can view/order online. Both traditional grad portraits as well as some fun style shots (if desired) will be taken.  If you would like to include friend(s) or family please bring them to your sitting. Gowns, roses, mortorboard, graduating hoods, etc. will be provided on the day of your shoot. You can also choose from over 25 different backgrounds. You can even upload your own background! Don't miss this great opportunity for Professional Graduation Portraits!

You must sign up online. To do so follow these simple steps:

·         Visit
·         Enter “shc” in the School ID
·         Click on a Campus Location/Date that works best for you and book it!


You must sign up online. To do so follow these simple steps:

1. Visit

2. Enter “shc” in the School ID

3. Click on a Campus Location/Date that works best for you and…

4. Book it!


We recommend a white shirt or blouse. If you do not have a tie or white shirt, different sizes will be made available at the time of your sitting. Please wear a white undershirt if you plan on using the studio's shirts.

TIP: All glasses, including non glare, reflect light. Bring frames with the lenses removed to wear during your sitting.

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  • A minimum of 8 unique poses from which you can choose to view or order online.

  • Over 25 backgrounds to choose from and the ability to upload your own!

  • Gowns (program specific), roses, hat, diploma, mortarboards are provided.

  • Family and friends can be included in your sitting!

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The sitting fee is only $15! Hard copy Proofs of your session may be purchased for an additional $5.00.

You will then be able to view your photos online and choose from a selection of packages.

Please bring your Sitting fee of $15 in cash to your sitting.

Don't miss this great opportunity for Professional Graduation Portraits!

Sample Photos


Where do I go for my photo?

HMC grad photos will be held in the SSU Clubs room and TRC and Davis photos are taken in the SSU Boardroom at each campus.

Do I have to take my photo in the semester I’m graduating?

Nope! You can take your grad photos at any point during the year, your graduation date does not matter.

What if I’m graduating in my Spring/Summer term?

You can take your photo at any point during the year. There are no Spring/Summer dates for graduation photos.

When do I get my convocation photo?

Convocation photos are not done through Lassman Studios are the SSU. However, you can contact the OTR office for more information at .  

How do I change my grad photo appointment?

Any adjustments to appointments must be made through Lassman Studios directly. You can change/cancel your appointment by calling 416.967.1241

Can I bring a friend or family member to my photo

Family and friends are welcome for a shot at the end of your sitting, however, the photo is restricted to a maximum of 4 people in the photo due to the available space in the studio. Everyone must be present at the start of the session.


The SSU takes care of your professional Graduation Photo needs in partnership with Lassman Studios. Photographs taken at Convocation are not arranged by the SSU, instead students looking for information on Convocation are directed to visit Student Services at their respective campus.