"The Strike at first said it would not ever or has not ever surpassed 2 weeks. They have simply LIED to us, saying we'd be back in class in no time. I'm an ALS student with many problems with anxiety depression and other mental and health diseases. Now they are going to crunch 6-7 weeks of work into 3 weeks on top of the work that those 3 weeks are needed for is ridiculous.  I think they are extending it because of the thought of paying back students they're tuitions which is their responsibility. If they are on strike we should be gaining from the money they pay them towards paying us back if not, putting it towards our next semester as an account debt towards us, NOT CRAMMING US WORK WITHIN 3 or so weeks of work into 7-8 weeks of work making a person like myself (Disability - ALS) have to really work hard for when I'm already anxious about courses I'm taking now. This not only speaks to me but for all ALS and Disability students. and regular students this could cause nervous breakdowns to general samaritans who are students at the college because of this outbreak of a strike. If anything a money back and a refund should occur and be sent to the next semester instead of cramming us and stressing us all out like we were ready for this announcement when it just happened so recently."