poster approval

If you are part of the Sheridan community and have an event or initiative you would like to promote, you can bring your posters to your campus SSU office for approval. SSU will allow you to post up to 10 posters on SSU designated poster boards for a period of 2 weeks.

IF YOU ARE A CLUB: You must complete the poster approval form on Clubs Corner (under Leader Forms) and upload a copy of your poster for approval. Your campus Clubs Coordinator will review and notify you of next steps. Please note that poster approval can only be submitted by Club executives.

For approval, we look for the following things:

poster 1  PM.png
poster 2 .png

Your poster must be for on campus events, have a Sheridan or SSU logo on it and a design that allows the SSU stamp to be visible.

The SSUI reserves the right to REMOVE any posted material that is NOT approved, that is advertising any form of off-campus housing, posted by an outside member of the community (students only), has been posted for more than two weeks, or considered to have moral, legal or ethical concerns.