Thanks for coming to hang out with us!
We hope you had a good time.

As a thank you, we want to give you a chance to win big this semester! We’re giving something awesome away every 2 weeks and all you have to do is enter below.

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Here’s how you can win:

  1. Attend any one of the events listed below and get a special event code from someone on our team.

  2. The link will take you here, where you can submit your code and get up to 8 more entries.

  3. Share your feedback about the event.

  4. Check out our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram Stories to see who wins!

Attend any one of these events to be given another chance to enter:

We’ll be drawing ONE winner every two weeks. But if you don’t hear your name just yet, don’t worry. Your entry still counts until the contest has closed.
Please note: You must be a Sheridan College student to participate.