How To Become a Student Leader

To my fellow student leaders...

by: Aadesh Puri - Director, Sheridan Student Union Board of Directors

On behalf of the entire SSU Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage YOU to be the next leaders of Sheridan Student Union.

As a Director of the Board, we are entrusted to make decisions - on behalf of our entire community - that directly affect student life every day. Our goal this year is to build on the current culture of our board and bring new and unique ideas to the table.

If you are someone who thinks differently and wants to contribute to the student experience, you would be a great addition to the SSU team. This opportunity will help you develop new skills and build new relationships. And you can really help us grow our community.

In order to make the opportunity more accessible to students, we have changed our election process! All of our forms are now online for submission.

It’s actually quite simple! All you need to do is prove you are a student (why else would you run), collect signatures from 50 students who think you are ready to make a change, and submit your application online!

Almost anyone can apply, the only criteria are that you must be a full-time student over the age of 18 with a GPA above 2.5. You will run for your specific campus but represent students across the entire Sheridan Community.

Don't forget you must submit your nomination online by February 3, at 4:00pm. This includes all of your downloaded forms which you can upload to the website.

We can't wait to hear what you have to say on behalf of students and what change you are looking to bring to our community.

To make your mark as a student leader this coming year, start here!