The Journey: Go with the Flow

International Student @ DAV - Prasadgouda Mundinamani


I moved here on September 2016 from a city in Southern India called Karnataka.  I am in the manufacturing management post-grad program.  I was a mechanical engineer, so I have two years of experience in the automobile industry.

Why did you choose your program?

I was actually interested in a course that has engineering and management like a blend of manufacturing and management.  So I searched up a bunch of schools and colleges - but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the universities because it was expensive.  When I browsed through colleges, only Sheridan had this program - no other schools have this program.  Luckily I found it and the subjects were what I wanted - I was really happy because everything is so perfect; it’s really good.

What are your hobbies?

I am a bike rider and I used to take 6 to 12-hour road trips on weekends when I was back home. After moving to Canada, I have changed my hobbies. I hang around with my friends who come from a various background. I watch comedy TV shows and search for volunteer opportunities.

What are things you are passionate?

I like to explore different cultures and that’s the reason I am in Canada. I like to meet a variety of people and research on their lifestyles. I am passionate about networking and being a people’s man. I like volunteering especially for the needy children. 

What are difficulties you faced while transition?

Honestly speaking I didn’t find any major transition difficulties. I had booked a room for a short term through Airbnb and the host family was very friendly, I stayed with them for 4 - 5 days... They helped find a place to move near to school and helped to get set up. They helped me around to look for a place to rent, after that I started living on my own.  The people from the Air B and B dropped me off at the school, that was so cool, as soon as I got to the campus (I came late, I missed my orientation), there were student volunteers who gave me all the information that I needed. I got everything done the first day and I was so happy.   I felt the food was comparatively very expensive than in India so I tried not to eat from outside very often, this could be a transition difficulty.

What do you miss the most?

I’m the type of person that goes with the flow.  I don’t think about the past.  I feel that… wherever I am staying [presently]... that I belong in that place.   I can say that I miss my family and friends because I still haven’t met anyone here very close so that I can share everything with them and feel comfortable. I live alone and do every task on my own.

What do you enjoy the most?

Canada accepts everybody… everyone is polite to people. Canadians aren’t racist, at least I don’t feel that way. After moving here, I got to meet so many nice people. One thing I enjoy the most is the politeness of the Canadians and their welcoming nature. It feels so good when someone on the sidewalk says “good morning, have a nice day”. I enjoy being at school as my course is so industry oriented and I am proud that I chose my program at Sheridan. Also, I enjoy the recreational facilities provided by Sheridan like trips to Niagara Falls, Montreal, Wonderland etc. and their amenities like gym and laboratories. 

Do you intend on staying in Canada?

I am really not sure of this answer. I have come here with a plan to study, work for some time and go back to India. I have my parents there and I have many things to do. As I have said earlier I go with the flow. I am really not sure which country I would be in the next couple of years because I want to explore as much as I can.; wherever the flow takes me.

Did you have any self-doubt moving here?

I didn’t have any self-doubt about moving here. I have been living by myself since 10th grade. I have become self-sufficient to take any decision and confident to plan my future and how to handle situations if something goes wrong. My parents support me in all the decisions I make and that makes me stronger and doubtless, because when I make a decision I go just go for it. I’m staying by myself and I am hunting by myself too.  I have taken bank loans to do this, because I didn’t want to fully depend on my parents.  I wanted to take the risks and the responsibilities for myself.

What motivates you to live that way?

My parents worked a lot… they worked too hard to get everything done.  It’s hard to start a school, so we have 6 grades right now. They struggled a lot. I have seen what they went through and I have learned from them.   Because if you work a lot, and if you know what you are doing, then you will definitely achieve what you want.  I wanted to do something like what my parents did.  I know that if I stayed in India my parents would definitely support me with everything.  I want to be independent and do something new.  I wanted to do something that belongs to me and not the people I know… I wanna be able to say that I started from scratch.

Do you have a motto for life?  What is your purpose?

My motto of life would be, “To be happy by making others happy and to enjoy life”. My purpose would be to help the needy, especially the mentally disabled children and make them feel they are one among us. In short, some social service towards the community to make it a better place to live in.