Things I Wish I Knew...

by: Linda Jasin

Hello everyone! I’m Linda, a second year Bachelor Business Administration-Accounting student. I also work at the Sheridan Student Union as part of the wonderful Customer Service team. Although I am a type three learner and work comfortably with numbers, facts and experiments, I also like writing and reflecting on my learning experience at the Student Union and at Sheridan College.

This is my first blog post, and honestly, it took me a while to choose from so many topics in my mind. Finally, I made my mind to share with you all about what is going on at the Sheridan Community.

But first, let me introduce myself with a fun fact about me, I am kind of a person who regularly CHECK everything regarding life commitments, study deadlines, and work duties and tasks. At work, I make fun of myself as; oh yeah, Linda always checks everything! This is so funny and it adds a lot of spices to the time that I spend in the office. So, when I was trying to think of a theme for my blog, I found out that there will definitely be a check list included somehow.

There are a lot of things that students need to know about when the new school year starts. From classes to financial commitments to events and services at the college and brought to you by the Sheridan Student Union (SSU), it is a bit overwhelming for students specially at the beginning of the new academic year. So, I am trying to help you and myself to sort out the main activities that we have to check for any updates.

Your second term is starting and a new year has begun. So, let’s see what we can check off the list:

First, there are a few things you may not know about your Student Union. Here at HMC, we are in A308 and you can check the website for other campus office locations:

1. The SSU has some new services, like:

o   Empower Me: A mental health and wellness service that connects you with with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues. And it’s included in your existing Health & Dental coverage!

o   Perks Program: You'll find exclusive discounts, coupons and promotions from great community partners around each campus, just for you

o   Equipment Loan Program: If you forgot something you need for your studies, don’t worry, #wegotyoucovered!

2. We also have some awesome communities that help you connect:

o   #SheridanLife Blog - Student leaders like me share their Sheridan experience. New are up all the time, and we love to hear your feedback about topics that are important to you.

o   Clubs Corner - We created a space online for students to join, create and engage with Clubs and Associations on campus. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll be connected to over 100 Sheridan clubs!

3. Your Sheridan Access account can help you with:

o  Courses and weekly schedule
o  Financial summary overview
o  Emails (this is so important)
o  Calendar

4. On your SLATE account, you will find:

o  Announcements
o  BBA virtual community posts
o  Slate emails

plan go.jpg

Here are a few more tips from our lovely Customer Service Representatives here at HMC:

I did not know about the free binding and laminating services provided through SSU
— Fatin
I did not know that I can book study rooms through Sheridan website.
— Rida
I did not know that there are non-academic clubs at school.
— Anusheh
I did not know co-op students are covered through the SSU Health and Dental plan while being away on a co-op term.
— Susan
I did not that students can borrow textbooks from Sheridan library.
— Dalveen

And my last tip is; introduce yourself to new classmates and instructors. The best start of the new school year is talking to new people and making friends.

Feel free to stop by the SSU office and make some new friends here, too! I wish everyone a successful and productive year.  

- Linda Jasin, SSU Customer Service Representative