"The strike has been one of the most stressful experiences I have had. I am completely unmotivated to finishing this semester because I know the amount of cramming that will happen when we return. I worked so hard this summer to save money to pay my tuition in full - just to have this strike literally slap me in the face. I am now working 20-30hrs in the wake of the strike just to save as much as I can for when(ever) we return for next year. 

I am angry. I am also sad that the voices of thousands of students are being ignored, that our opinions and insights are being pushed to the side to allow the colleges and faculty to wrestle with each other's own differences. I am confused why our faculty at Sheridan didn't do more to help us work on our projects during the strike by releasing precious slideshows we knew that had to offer. 

At this point, I hope the term is canceled. I want a fresh start, not this continuation of a broken project between faculty and the colleges. It has tainted my college experience forever. "