"I am a nursing student currently in their 2nd semester... Which is known to be the hardest semester of the program. We have now missed 4 weeks of classes, our OSCEs for drug administration which we need to PASS THE SEMESTER, several midterms, assignments, etc.

In the amount of time they are "TRYING" to make-up, they are actually hindering us more. I am someone who gets stressed very easily when under pressure and it causes me to have breakdowns and end up failing the semester. This strike has enhanced any anxiety I already have. I am also a student who can not work and do school at the same time, so I have gone into debt with this - among many of the other 500,000 students suffering during this unfairness, and am only surviving on what I have been given by OSAP. It would make so many students feel better and more secure if they just restart the semester."