"The most frustrating thing about the strike is planning your daily life around what-if's... which is what each and every student has been doing for the past month while both parties try to convey a message to one another. Due to this strike, I find that I am now unable to find a job for the holidays due to the uncertainty of my schedule, which really sets me back financially. I have had a job to support myself for the past 7 years and without the help of OSAP, I would never be able to put myself through school. So, it's extremely important that I am able to finance my education. I can't even imagine what it would be like as an international student, who has double the costs. Overall, even if this strike could compensate all its students for the finances lost, the worst consequence that this strike has is all the lost opportunities. I have lost the opportunity to get a job for the holidays in order to further fund my remaining semester, and now, we will also most likely have lost the opportunity to enjoy our holidays. Additionally, with an upcoming co-op placement, I am unsure of what this strike will do to the opportunities that were available to me at the beginning of the semester."