"The strike has done nothing for students but impede our learning and fester anxiety and resentment. Not only is my education impacted, my financial stability is also affected. This is my final year of studies, which I had then planned on continuing my studies another course - which i will need to apply to. Since the possibility of losing the semester is real, this could potentially set my educational, and personal goals back. I am also currently paying for a residence which I am not living in, I have chosen to live at home during the time of the strike, so I could go to work so I can make extra money to pay for the potential additional costs associated with the strike. Also, a lot of students need the second reading week in the spring. It is unfair that we loose our reading week, because of the strike. Many students do have mental illnesses, and they use that week to relax, and take a break from the stresses of school. The strike is doing nothing but causing hardships."