"As an international student, I'm expected by the government to be able to provide for my education and living, yet living costs are still very expensive and I can't work because the strike could end at any time. Also, everyone can agree, that these past few weeks have been a waste of time because of the constant redundant updates that don't do anything but make you more uncertain. 

The strike has caused nothing but chaos to plans people made even before September. These plans include travel to different parts of the country or the world. The reason this was done in advance was to avoid high costs that people incur during the holiday season. Now to change anything to tickets costs money if you already haven't paid extra.

Plus, food and living doesn't come cheap. A month of nothing. I study at Sheridan College, the strike started 2 days before my first midterm for the semester. Thus I can't even continue learning content because I have no idea what I will be tested on for this semester. Thankfully I've had certifications to work for. "