"This is a very hard time and it's really confusing for myself and my family. Please don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my college and my program but art programs aren't the type of course loads we can just suddenly do the work on our own compared to just being in university with essays we could do. We need consultations and projects and group members to get our work done, which is what we paid for; we didn't pay money to teach ourself this. I really try to stay positive with everything trying to get fixed but it's hard when you can't pick up extra hours at work so you're trying to do any little thing possible to keep yourself busy, to get things done and try to find work. It makes me question, should I keep going, should I just try to find part time work? I hate seeing my mom so stressed out not knowing if she should pay the next semester, what's gonna happen to her kids education. It's a really hard thing to make decisions about with no real information to help.