"As an international student, the strike has been a source of great stress an anxiety in a variety of ways. Firstly, with the uncertainty regarding the cancellation of the semester and any potential refunds, I am left in a situation where I have potentially spent over $20,000 for an education which I may not receive through no fault of my own. Secondly, due to the uncertainty pertaining to the length of the strike, I have been prohibited from working a sufficient amount of hours to sustain myself abroad. In addition, due to the immigration requirements set out by the Government of Canada, the strike has the potential to negatively impact any later decisions I may want to make with regard to immigrating to Canada permanently. 

Moreover, if the semester can be salvaged, being in a practical program, such as the Visual Merchandising Arts program, I will no doubt have to rush work that otherwise is give much more time and due consideration which no doubt will have a negative impact on my retention of the material to be learnt as well as the amount of practical work which I can complete. Furthermore, as an international student living on residence, the uncertainty about potentially having to pay more money or not having a place to live, through no fault of my own is a cause for great concern."