"When the school year first started off, I imagined a list of experiences that I would take with me beyond my college life.  As week 4 of this strike passes, I find myself adding “feeling bitter and angry” to that list.  I spent several months waiting, terrified of having my OSAP application rejected for any reason.  My mother had to take a loan out of her own work place, just so I could stay in Residence.  I also have a mild form of autism, so I live by a principle of following schedules and taking on one thing at a time.  This strike messes all of that up for me.  I want to get the education I paid for, I want to be able to go home and spend time for my family.  I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment either.  I have a roommate who lives in Bermuda, and this strike is gonna screw him over, as well as any other international students, way more than myself.  So I am asking and imploring: Please bring this strike to an end.  We’re tired of waiting, we want to get back in the classroom and do what we came here to do: learn."