"As an international student, I came to Sheridan in hopes of gaining knowledge and being educated in a proper and organised system. I am sad to say that I am very disappointed at how events have unfolded; I did not expect this strike to go on for such a long time. 

Not only am I stressed and frustrated at the fact that I have no classes but also no concrete information being given. Even though I know Sheridan is not entirely responsible for the outcomes, I only ever hear that the school remains open and once the strike ends things will be taken care of. 

A lot of time and money is being wasted, especially for international students like myself who have to pay twice (or more) the amount that domestic students have to pay. I am unable to get a job because I don't know how to predict my availability for the remainder of this year. I bought my ticket home for the holidays since September and now I'm not sure I'll be heading home for Christmas. 

I came here to Canada for better education opportunities, but I feel so wasteful and useless now. I really hope this strike ends and that this situation gets resolved. "