"In the fall of 2016, I chose to return to school to make a better life for my daughter. I chose college because it was more affordable than university and chose Sheridan in particular because it was close to daycare. I handed in my notice to a job I worked at for almost 20 years, turned my entire life upside down and went back to school full time. As a single mother, I don't have help, I don't have a support system but I work hard because I know schooling is the answer. This strike has caused me more stress and anxiety that I could have imagined. I'm not sleeping at night, and my jaw is constantly clenched. I fear my choice to return to school was incorrect and I should have continued working shift work and hired a nanny. 

The "plan" for the semester to extend to December 22nd adds a huge financial strain as now I will have to find childcare for an extra week and not to mention not being to spend that time with my daughter. My plans to return home are also not being taken into consideration as I drive to Manitoba for Christmas every year but apparently will not be accommodated because I don't have "proof". 

I'm in the advanced degree program, I paid an extra $500 for co-op on top of my tuition and if the semester is extended into 2018 then what happens to my internship?

I am someone who has a plan, who has to have a plan because I'm not only looking after myself, I have a 3 year old who depends on me for everything. 

I am unhappy. I am lost. I am anxious. I am on the verge of a breakdown. I understand why the strike is happening and I stand with the faculty however I wish it would end. I wish the College would concede to the unions demands so that students can return to class. Enough is enough."