"I came to Sheridan to learn more about the subject I was passionate about. Sheridan tells me they are committed to my student experience, and to quality education, but the professors are on strike, and the emails sent basically say the same thing every week. It gets more frustrating as time goes on because it feels like, as students, we are being left behind, when in reality, we should be the most important. We are paying for an education that we are not getting, and we are not being told how that will be resolved. I understand it is a confusing time for a lot of people, but still, we paid a lot of money to be here, and what are we getting to show for it?

I also live six hours away, and went home for two weeks, but came back when they said they were making progress. Now I am back at school waiting for things to happen, and I wasted money on a train ticket that I could have used later. 

All-in-all, I would just love to feel like our concerns, as students are being heard."