"As an international student, I pay more than twice what national/domestic students to pay. I believe I can safely say for all international students, we plan around the school year and book our flights to go back and see our loved ones accordingly. I came to Canada, knowing that I had no immediate family, and that I had never experienced a winter before and that I had never been to Canada before. I also came to Canada because, in applying for universities and colleges (back home, in the states and in Canada), I felt I could really trust the system and that I would be in good hands. I felt as if I could trust that their system would have my best interest at heart. This is very disappointing to me. My father pays my tuition and he has a very calm approach to life, he does not earn Canadian dollars and back home one Canadian is equal to approximately $100.00. However, he has made this sacrifice for me because he too trusted the system. I booked my ticket to go back home this Christmas, which was very expensive, to begin with, and since rumours are going around about the extension of the semesters I am worried. Sheridan said that those students would be accommodated, but what exactly does accommodated mean? Would it mean that I have to rush my studies or do things faster than the other students who are staying for the extension of the semesters? Would that even work? My semester is currently filled with group work, so how would I be able to leave my group members behind.

I am not happy, the strike feels like wasted time for me and I'm sure for all of the other students. I have seen many things in life, where people are cruel and selfish, I've heard gunshots, had friends who have been murdered... but this to me is the epitome of cruel because these teachers and the provincial government, in their own selfish way are not just affecting the educations and careers of many but also the financial lives of their families. They have no idea what people sacrifice to be here and to get this chance, the things and people they leave behind... I am writing this after hearing complaints from all types of students. My heart especially goes out to students who are in one-year programs who have their co-op placements either next semester or the following semester. This strike has serious implications on the time we were guaranteed that we would be able to dedicate to work experience. 

I am more than surprised that this is still happening and thought that if the teachers didn't have a heart for the students then maybe the provincial government would... Well, Jokes!

If you ask me would I still recommend Canada to all my other potential international student friends, I'd probably say no. Not right now, because I would want them to be guaranteed quality for their money, especially since we play a crucial role in the financial sustenance of the colleges. 

My tuition is over $20,000 CAN... I do not deserve this. None of us do.


An annoyed student