"Being an INTERNATIONAL student, I don't have OSAP. Hence, I have to earn and pay. My fees are CDN $8,000+ per semester. Who's going to pay my fees? I pay 3X what a Canadian pays for tuition.  In the event of the strike, we have nothing to do. We're not allowed to work full time nor we are studying. It feels like I'm a LIABILITY to myself. We're left with nothing to do in CANADA. The strike got us clutched. We're wasting our time. I'm just working part time which is not enough to handle my expenses and make my both the ends meet. It is a serious situation for a student who came from abroad. It feels like a wrong decision of school has led to this situation. We have to extend our study visa and time taken to complete the program will disturb our future plans. If CANADA cannot solve this situation, please refrain calling other INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS from any country. It's so frustrating when CANADA calls for students trying to convince it's a cakewalk but when we come here, its totally a different scenario of struggle and hard life. "