HOUSING: What Else SHould I know?


The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) sets out the obligations landlords and tenants each have for the maintenance and repair of a rental property. This brochure explains some of these obligations.

Some common complaints from neighbours surrounding student housing which require frequent enforcement are:

·       Noise -  having parties, congregating outside and shouting, loud stereos, or creating any sort of public nuisance.
·       Parking which blocks or partially blocks a sidewalk
·       Parking on any portion of the grass on the lawn or boulevard
·       Parking on the road in excess of 3 hrs or on the road between 2am-6am
·       Accumulating garbage by not placing it for collection weekly
·       Not keeping yards free of garbage and debris
·       Not keeping the grass an less than 20cm in height
·       Not shovelling the sidewalk


Brampton Bylaw Information

Stay updated on what you need to know surrounding Brampton Bylaws – here are the top 3 questions many renters ask:

1.     I want to rent a basement apartment. Is it legal? Basement apartments in Brampton are legal only after being registered with the City.  A property owner who registers an apartment has complied with all permit requirements and the apartment has been inspected for safety at the time of registration.

Beware of unregistered basement apartments. They are illegal and may be unsafe. 

Follow this link to see if there is a registered basement apartment at an address:  http://www.brampton.ca/EN/residents/Building-Permits/second-dwelling/Pages/TwoUnitMap.aspx

2.     Can I rent a room within a house? A house may be occupied by a landlord and up to three boarders residing within the dwelling. Having more than three boarders would be considered a lodging house and would be required to be licensed by the City. 

Find out if your potential residence is licensed and in a legal lodging house by calling 905-874-2050

3.     I want to rent a house and have other students reside in the house with me.  Is this legal? Yes, provided you act as the landlord and have no more than three boarders.

Lodging House By-Law (Oakville)

A “Lodging House By-Law 2007-126” approved by the Town of Oakville has come into effect on January 1, 2008.  This by-law affects Trafalgar Campus students living in off-campus accommodations: all lodging homes must be licensed, with a three occupant lodging limit and must meet a minimum standard as per the by-law, which could result in an increase in rental charges for students.

For their protection and safety, students are encouraged to research their options and ensure their landlord is licensed by the Town of Oakville and adheres to the minimum standards, before signing a rental agreement. Students may visit the Town of Oakville website for by-law details.

Here are some Off Campus Housing Resources:

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