Open Forum

Let's Talk About It, Sheridan!

In light of the activist group visit to the Trafalgar Campus this week and today's unannounced visit to the Davis campus, as well as the expressed concern surrounding these activities, Sheridan Student Union is hosting feedback forum on Wednesday September 21. 

The SSU has also expressed concern since the group has not been invited by the College, the SSU or any student group we’re aware of. While we encourage free speech in all of our student spaces, we believe that external non-student groups should be invited by the College or SSU to address such issues in appropriate forums and in respectful ways.   

As a student led organization, we are committed to providing you with the opportunity to voice opinions and concerns about issues that affect the student experience. 

Although the SSU did not invite this group onto campus, or have any control over whether or not to allow them on campus, we want to facilitate a discussion and examine the issue with our fellow students. 

With that in mind, we invite you to join us for an open discussion on Wednesday September 21 at 4:00 p.m. in our Union Square Atrium. 

You may also submit any feedback, questions or concerns below. 

Join your student leaders in voicing your concerns about free access on #ourcampus

The #OurCampus Campaign is about maintaining Sheridan as a student space. Uninvited visits from external groups on campus causes a concern for the respect of our space and wellbeing on campus. Such non student groups have sparked a lot of concern in our community, and with that, brought to light the issue of our campus as a public space. We should work together to ensure that our rights are respected. We encourage all students to join us by submitting feedback or counter protest peacefully. This is our campus, our spaces, our voice.
— Sylvia Ibrahim - Sheridan Student Union President