Sheridan / Student Union Supplemental Bursary

A Message from your SU President: 

"The strike was a trying time for us all and as your President, it was important to me that your voices were represented throughout. We met with the provincial government on two occasions in an effort to resolve the strike sooner and facilitated an avenue for students across Ontario to share how the strike had affected them through our #hearourside campaign

Although eventually, the strike concluded and we returned to class, I felt there was still work to be done. 
The provincially mandated Hardship Fund had obvious gaps that didn’t fully appreciate or serve our students to the extent needed. Student feedback made that abundantly clear. Since this fund was mandated, we at the Sheridan Student Union have been advocating for something more, specifically to compensate for those who have experienced a loss in wages as a result of the strike. 

With that, I am pleased to announce that the College administration has worked with the Sheridan Student Union to launch a Sheridan/Student Union Supplemental Bursary to assist with the lost wages gap. The fund will provide a maximum of $500 to students who meet the eligibility criteria, so please check your Sheridan email or visit the MY OTR website for more information

The curation of this fund wouldn’t have been possible without the voices of our students and the reciprocity of the College administration that has always been trying to do what's best for our students. While this fund will not address all losses faced by students, I’m hopeful that this new initiative represents a step in the right direction and helps further address the impact of the strike on Sheridan students.

- Enrique Ponce - President, Sheridan Student Union

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How to Apply for the Bursary

To be considered for this bursary, the completed application and supporting documentation must be submitted to the College by Thursday, March 29 at 4 p.m

  1. Download the application package (PDF format): Sheridan/Student Union Supplemental Bursary Application
  2. Complete the application form and have your employer complete and sign the Letter from Employer.
  3. Completed applications* and the Letter from Employer must be submitted together, in person, to the Office of the Registrar, Records & Registration counter at the Davis, Hazel McCallion, or Trafalgar Road campuses.
  4. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified via your Sheridan email address to view your application decision in myStudent Centre.

Who Needs to Apply for the Bursary and Who Doesn't?

Students who work for Sheridan Student Union and Sheridan’s Ancillary Service Providers (e.g. Bookstore, Cafeteria, Print Shop) do not need to apply, as their on-campus employers will complete and submit the necessary paperwork on their behalf.

The following groups of students must apply for the bursary: 

  • Sheridan students, including those enrolled in joint programs with Brock University, UTM and York University, who work off campus;
  • Sheridan co-op and internship students whose paid work terms in Winter 2018 have been shortened due to adjustments made to the 2017-18 academic calendar;
  • Sheridan international students who would have been working within the legal constraints of their study permit.

You can find more details about eligibility here.