Advocacy Group on Campus

The Sheridan Student Union (SSU) is aware of an activist visit currently underway at our Trafalgar Campus today.  The SSU has expressed concern surrounding these planned activist activities since the group has not been invited by the College, the SSU or any student group we’re aware of. 

The SSU encourages free speech in all of our student spaces.  Despite this, the SSU believes that external non-student groups should be invited by the College or SSU to address such issues in appropriate forums and in respectful ways.   

The SSU encourages any students who are negatively impacted by these planned activities to seek support from the resources that Sheridan College is making available.

Please see below for more information from Sheridan College

"The CCBR is an anti-abortion advocacy group.  As they have advised Sheridan, the purpose of their visits is to conduct outreach events, involving a small group of volunteers who stand in indoor, public access areas of the campus, with signs and literature, which may be graphic in nature. Sheridan’s approach to CCBR’s request to attend our campuses is rooted in the notion that freedom of expression is important at post-secondary institutions. 

Sheridan is committed to being an organization that fosters inquiry, welcomes diverse opinions and values dialogue and debate. Sheridan supports students, employees and other groups in sharing their views on different subjects, including those that may be considered to be uncomfortable or controversial to some, when such expression is done in a safe and respectful manner and does not promote hatred or obscenities.

By allowing the CCBR to attend Sheridan’s campuses in accordance with our policy and procedure, it does not mean that Sheridan necessarily endorses the CCBR’s views. Sheridan does not take a position on either side of the pro-life/pro-choice debate."

Sheridan and Sheridan Student Union is committed to providing a safe and welcoming campus environment and we understand that some members of our community may find the CCBR’s materials upsetting. 

Any students seeking comfort and support may access counselling through both scheduled and drop-in appointments.  Services can be arranged via email at or by visiting or calling the Student Services Centre at:

  • Trafalgar B104 -- (905) 845-9430 ext. 2557(for Trafalgar and STC students)
  • Davis B230 -- (905) 845-9430 ext. 5400
  • HMC Welcome Desk -- (905) 845-9430 ext. 2528 

For anyone with concerns regarding the behaviour or conduct of any individuals or groups distributing information on campus, please contact Campus Security at ext. 4044 or

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please submit your feedback using the form below. We're available for any additional support. 

AGM 2016 Recap

Thank you to all those who attended last night’s annual general meeting!

With 28 students in attendance, we approved our 2014-2015 Audited Statements, the 2014-2015 AGM Meeting Minutes and ratified our new 2016-2017 board members.  Sylvia Ibrahim, President of the Student Union took the members through the operational successes and Michael Burnside, Chair of the Board presented the major accomplishments of the board over the past year. 

We are pleased to inform you that through some great student lead discussion the membership approved several by-law changes some of which specifically enhanced the transparency of our Annual General Meeting. The implementation of a by-law which restricts a member to only hold one proxy in a General meeting was successfully voted in to ensure that there is a fair representation of students and no single student can hold more power than another.

The membership also voted to loosen the time constraint that surrounds our Annual General Meeting to allow the meeting to take place closer to the end of our fiscal year. This is particularly crucial in being more transparent with the yearly audit which takes place in August and will now be followed closely by the AGM so the membership is able to respond promptly to any concerns.

Thank you to all the student leaders who participated in our successful Annual General Meeting last night. Our AGM is one of the most important meetings we run in the year and having a strong representation of our student body is crucial to make changes that are a representation of the student voice.
— Sylvia Ibrahim, SSU President

Watch the AGM