A Year In Review

This Year With Sheridan Student Union

a year in review from your student leaders

Over the past year, the Mississauga campus has had an incredibly successful year with it’s events.  Ranging from Ping Pong Tournaments, Gaming Nights, Photoshoots, the Next Big Idea to awesome staff-engaging events like the SSU run Christmas party.  The SSU has had an outstanding run this year.  Every idea we’ve put together was supported by hours of brainstorming, discussion and support.  The constant cooperation and open lines of communication provided a positive environment  for the creation, planning and execution of spectacular Programming. 

In October, The Next Big Idea was one of the most successful events run at the HMC Campus. Instead of having our typical artists or bands, we brought an entrepreneur, millionaire from Dragon’s Den;  Matthew Corrin which created a huge response around campus.  It was successful because it allowed us to connect with the students goals, while providing them the opportunity to think outside the box and share their own personal business plans.    Moreover, this event gave the students the opportunity to connect with Matthew, network and possibly gain a better outlook of how they wanted to approach their business endeavors. 

Moreover, in January the SSU organized a Ping Pong Tournament.  Taking time and effort to survey students as to their interest in “Spin” which is a Ping Pong Night club and a ping pong tournament resulted in a very successful event.  Why not bring SPIN to HMC?  With a very successful turnout, a cash bar and a live DJ, the students responded very well to the idea of the event.  Not only was the turn out the successful part of the event, instead we were able to reach out to a diverse student body by welcoming all levels of talent to participate in the tournament.  Doing so allowed other students to meet new friends with similar interests and challenge one another’s skill levels.
— Karl Galang - Events Coordinator, HMC
This past year with clubs was amazing! Working with such a motivated and unique group of Sheridan students had to be the best part of being Clubs Coordinator at Davis. Both SSU staff and Club members, showed their passion for improving Sheridan student life on a daily basis, and really enriched the whole student/work experience for myself.

Being able to help the clubs put on successful events such as Sheridan’s Comic Con and Sheridan’s Got Talent definitely added to the great Clubs Coordinator experience! Clubs Fair was a lot of  fun too, with clubs creating some great interactive tables. All-in-all it was a fantastic year with clubs at Davis!
— Tej Gill - Clubs Coordinator, Davis
Executive Vice-Presidency is a role involving the development of both workplace professionalism and crazy-fun student-life.

The position encompassed a twelve-month hierarchy of budgeting, planning, and organization through an ever-changing lens. As Executive Vice-President, I helped develop orientation alongside the college (yes I bought a car; and yes you all spray painted it) and worked yearly to advocate for you with an open mind. I learned about the inter-workings of our Sheridan Student Union and developed new ways to collaborate with our staff and students. Conferences, meetings, committees, initiatives, and student advocacy were just the tip of the iceberg.

I am aware of the creativity flowing through our student body thanks to this job. My Sheridan experience has developed for six years and I`ve seen the loving shrekidan culture, the evolution of the pit, the triumphs of theatre, the urgency of artistic expansion and freedom, and finally, the diversity of our programs here at Trafalgar campus.

I learned Trafalgar has a culture that helps define the ultimate Sheridan Experience. We love our media, our diversity, our openness to all sexual/non-sexual orientations, our endless hours spent in either the studios or studying. We are a beautifully weird bunch. Over the past year, I`ve attempted to integrate these findings into my practice as EVP.
This year has given me so much insight towards bettering myself and my peers. Together we have built a home, a safe space, and a community that will continue to grow.

— Christopher Berwick - Executive Vice President, TRC
Over the past year, the Trafalgar campus has had an incredibly successful year with it’s events.  Ranging from sold out concerts, open mic nights, Art Jams to awesome staff-engaging events like the SSU run Kids Holiday party.  The SSU has had an outstanding run this year.  Every idea we’ve put together was supported by hours of brainstorming, discussion and support.  The constant cooperation and open lines of communication provided a positive environment  for the creation, planning and execution of spectacular Programming. 

In September we brought the Arkell’s live in the Marquee.  This event was a sold out show and yet the most interactive performance of the year.  The Arkell’s connected with the student body while allowing them to meet them after the show.  This event was successful not only because it was a sold out show, but because the band was able to fully take advantage of our venue at the Marquee, ending their show on top of the bar serenating the student body.  

Moreover, our Open Mic Nights have been very successful and have really provided the opportunity for students showcase their talents.  Considering Trafalgar is a very art focused school, it is no surprise that these open mics have been an ongoing highlight of the year.  Its very exciting to gather such a high interest in this event, while focusing on reaching out to the student body and encouraging them to challenge their skills and talents each month.  
— Jacob Sanchez - Events Coordinator, TRC
SSU is a big work family Orange tree and HMC is an individual branch that I’m luckily attached to. HMC office also a tradition called “Orange of Friendship”. And we share it whenever there is orange in the office. We work hard, we play hard, we make fun of each other and we grow together.”
— Nam Vu (Finn) - Awareness Coordinator, HMC
Ranging from sold out concerts like the Alessia Cara show, to awesome staff-engaging events like the first Annual SSU Family Holiday party, the SSU has had an outstanding run this year.

One of the most successful events was the Alessia Cara concert in January. This event not only engaged students at the Davis campus, but we had students travelling from many other campuses to see the show. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons this show was successful was the big name. That said, saying it was only successful because of it’s big name would be severely discounting the vast efforts put in by many different SSU teams, who without them, this event wouldn’t have been successful. We were using new promoting techniques. We had an entirely new stage setup. Almost every team had something new to provide. Really, the best part of working the Alessia Cara event, was seeing all these teams come together to put on a hugely successful event.

Another really notable event was the SSU Family Holiday party in December. This event worked well for many different reasons. It provided us with the opportunity connect with a very diverse set of students in a fun environment. It seemed very beneficial for students as it provided them the chance to participate in our Programming Calendar while including their children.  The success of this event resulted in many children laughing, Santa photos & a holiday gift to bring home.  

Looking at these two examples, one of the most important elements from this years programming is that it brought SSU members together. This effect has really shown in the events, as the SSU’s ability to work together as an organization has effectively matured.

In the end, the maturity gained by the SSU as an organization has really shown through, and allowed us to put together an outstanding programming schedule. The benefits from this will not only be  apparent in this lat year, but will continue to shine through in the future of the SSU.
— Brendan Hall-Hern - Events Coordinator, Davis
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.30.02 AM.png
One of most successful campaigns I did this year at Davis was called The International Diversity Day. Information was distributed about different continents. We had maps, tri-fold display boards, and different souvenirs to best represent a particular continent. We also had music, a henna artist, and questionnaire going on for students to win prizes. Students loved being a part of this campaign, it went extremely well.

Overall, my experience being an awareness coordinator has been great so far. I did many campaigns throughout the year, yet this was one of the campaigns that stood out the most for me and I am very proud of being the person who made it happen.
— Sara Safraz - Awareness Coordinator, Davis
In the past year, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a supportive school community and workplace.  I’m grateful to be part of a team that comes together to support each other in all that we do.  From orientation to end of year events we worked together to make sure that the students got the most out of their time at Sheridan this year.
Some of the highlights for me this year includes: the Movember gala, the next big idea, clubs fair, ping pong tournaments, take a seat make a friend, and all the events that the clubs on campus held. I’m grateful for all the students who came out to the events and I’m excited to see what the future student leaders of SSU will bring next year.
— Joselle Ang Go - Clubs Coordinator, HMC
Having the opportunity to join such an amazing, supporting and hard working team have been one of my biggest and meaningful highlights in my student and professional experience this year. Luckily, working at the SSU in any position guarantee you as a student a role where you have the opportunity to make a difference in the Sheridan Life. However, as an Awareness Coordinator, I had the opportunity to see my ideas happening, be the face behind many successful awareness campaigns and aware students from many different causes that are essential to know throughout the student experience in the Trafalgar Campus.

From Motivational videos, Self-defence classes, Test your blood type, Give/get a compliment, Have a seat & Make a friend, ComiCan, the Paws Room, and many other campaigns, I personally saw the impact that I was making in the community which are the biggest reward as I move forward in my professional career. This specific role gives you the opportunity to think out of the box, to learn and develop leadership skills and most important to realize what are you capable to do by yourself but surround with a team that is open to hear your ideas, give you feedback and work closely with you for the successful execution of them.

Overall, the best memory that I’m taking from my year is to see the inclusive, diverse and welcoming environment that as a student you can feel with the SSU team and the learning income that I had from seeing.
— Vanessa Teran - Awareness Coordinator, TRC
During my time at Sheridan I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people with the same mindset, aspirations and drive as I have. Initially I was like most students that just wanted to come to class, study, and get my grades, but at one point I knew I had to take more initiative to define myself from my peers. I always had a passion to engage with people and have impact in their lives but didn’t know how to do so in the academic environment, that is until I happened to make the right friends that exposed me to what the SSU does and how their experience has impacted their lives. I initially went for the EVP role not knowing the entirety of the role and the full scope of impact that I could have, but I soon found out that making connections and meeting the right people really add to the experience and impact on the student body.

One of the first initial key highlights was meeting Tae in the summer when I was first getting settled into my role as EVP, he was just transferring from Trafalgar where he was very involved with clubs aside from just being a counsellor. He pitched the idea of having ping pong tables at the HMC campus because there was a lack of engagement in that regard, I worked on the proposal and the rest is history! We have now started at Smash stress Club, grown to 3 tables on campus, ran various successful tournaments in collaborate with the SSU, and run a very popular paddle rental service at the SSU. The major takeaway for me with these tables in the social and physical wellness aspects, I have heard countless times about how students have made new friends because of the tables and is a great way for them to relieve stress. I have also talked with some international students who have used the tables as a means to integrate themselves better in the Canadian culture, which isn’t always easy when you come from a different country.

Another key highlight this year was the engagement initiatives I took on, one being the volunteer passport and secondly the Movember Campaign. I knew coming into this role getting volunteer engagement was a struggle just by looking at past years documents. The collaboration on this project was a exciting process that involved multiple departments and the end result really invoked what we as the SSU stand for by providing students the opportunity to enhance their experience on campus. Although the program is still in its initial stages I hope to continue to grow it to a point where all students are aware of the program and make the most of the opportunity to grow their skillset by volunteering. The Movember campaign was something that meant a lot for me personally because it is a campaign I have been doing for the past 5 years, and to have the opportunity to have a campaign that reached the entire Sheridan student body was a great experience. Everyone within the SU was very supportive and let me take my vision and run with it, there was a lot of great conversations with students and in the end we raised over $ 5,000 collectively.

The last note I want to make about this year is the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with, because without them none of the amazing things we’ve done this year would have been accomplished. And to me they are more than just co-workers, these are long lasting friendships that are truly hard to come by, we shared a lot of memoires and shared the same passion for what we do and for that I will always be truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great team. I know this year has been a huge year of growth for me as I learned to lead in ways I didn’t think I could, from guiding students through the struggles of academic appeals, planning and coordinating the Movember campaign, to overlooking the awareness coordinator to ensure the campaigns fall inline to what the HMC campus would engage with the most. With this experience under my belt I hope to continue to grow and have a bigger impact next year at HMC.
— Enrique Ponce - Executive Vice President, HMC