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We look forward to having you join us as a Perk Peep! Our Perks Program is a great way to connect your product, business or service with Canada's creative campus. With over 22,000 students between three campuses, we have a diverse community of programs and students. Our Perks Program provides you the opportunity to connect and provide valuable offers to our students. This can range from discounts on entertainment or school supplies to fitness, fashion and everything in between.


First, let's tell you a little bit about us and our audience...

At Sheridan Student Union (SSU) we're committed to the student experience. We represent and create services for all full-time and part-time students of Sheridan College. We strive to unite the student body through our programs and services and are responsible for advocating and being a voice for Sheridan students. We strive to improve the quality of student life through events, services and networking activities to help ensure Sheridan students have a memorable college experience.

Our Services...

Off Campus Housing
Grad Photos
Legal Advice
and more...

Food First
Shuttle Bus
Health and Dental
Appeals Assistance

Our Students....

As the Sheridan Student Union, we serve to enhance the student experience through providing leadership and community building opportunities, events and valuable services. We engage with our audience through our website, social media, digital and print marketing. Here’s a little bit more about our audience, who they are, and what is important to them:

If you have something awesome to offer our students, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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