Evan Wasse

Evan Wasse

Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design, Ceramics Studio, Class of 2018
Graduating Student Award, Craft and Design

Shovel Study #1, 2018
Cone 10 atmospheric clay and glazes, nichrome wire, turned wood, steel, & epoxy

Artist’s Statement

A physical representation of the user’s ambition, a tool is an extension of the human form. My instruments are situated between thought and the physical world, bridging fantasy to reality. They are ultimately not for molding matter, but for shaping the mind. These tools demonstrate our agency to alter the material world and the ability to reimagine what we see.


Instagram: @maker.matter
Email: evanwasse@hotmail.ca

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You can view Evan's work on display in our Showcases in the Trafalgar campus B wing after July 9, 2018. To submit your own work, you can find our submission form here ➡️http://bit.ly/2C7KzhJ

The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, together with the Creative Campus Galleries have launched a new program to award outstanding work by graduating students. Awarded work will be acquired by Sheridan to build our public art collection. This collection will form our new art lending library, which will be administered by the Creative Campus Galleries. If you are interested in temporarily borrowing a piece, please contact galleries@sheridancollege.ca.